Following is a selection of cassettes of lessons given by Rabbi Eliezer Berland (in hebrew), available for listening to, and some of the subjects mentioned.

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   219--A lesson given at a Melava Malka, regarding: The depth to the teachings of Rabbi Nachman. Riches come only in the merit of the wife. How does one know if he has met his true shidduch? The kidnapping of Sarah to the house of Pharo. The Well of Miriam. The greatness of the Melave Malka meal.

   228--A lesson given at the Yartzeit of Reb Nosson, regarding: Boaz and Ruth. A Husband and Wife are One Soul. Listening to Lashon HaRa causes one to lose all his intelligence. The Wife is more intelligent than her Husband. The fall of Sancheriv. Only through the Wife is one able to cancel his Pride. Contributing to the Happiness of the Bride and Groom. 

   244--A lesson given at a Shas Party Rally in Tel Aviv, regarding: Hashem separated Israel from all the other Peoples. Ruth and Naomi. There are sparks of holiness in every Jew. Stories about Rabbi Akiva and other Baalei Tshuva. The World only continues in existence in the merit of the Baalei Tshuva.

   256--A lesson given on the 15th Av at the Yeshiva, regarding: Financial success is dependant on honoring one's Wife. The story of the Baal Shem Tov on his journey to Israel. The holiness of the 15th Av. Learning Torah for the sake of Heaven. Only through prayer and faith can one bring about salvation and success for himself and for all the world, and  succeed in escaping from all the desires. The results of not increasing one's knowledge every day. Humiliation is directed at one from Heaven. 

   323--A lesson given on the Yortzeit of Reb Nosson, 10 Teves (24/12/01), regarding: Without Reb Nosson, Rebbe Nachman would be completely unknown. The desire for money. Why the prayers must be sung rather than spoken. All the books in the world are only an explanation of Likutei Halachos. When a sinner repents, he brings back an infinate number of souls with him. Reb Nosson was persecuted even more than David HaMelech. Each day brings it's own income. Torah learning destroys all a person's materialistic desires. The 10 Teves is on a par with Yom Kippur. All the suffering that the Jewish people have undergone throughout the ages is all because of the sale of Yosef, and we continue to sell the Tzaddik! Only the first hour of the learning is difficult, after that the path opens up. Tikkun Chatzos. How the Jewish people failed the test at the Reed Sea, and what Shlomo HaMelech failed to learn from his father, and the price that we paid! And much more! (The lesson is 110 minutes long so we have split it up into two parts. Click here for part two.)

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