A Prayer written by HaRav Eliezer Berland, shlit"
for Shabbos Shirah and the Fifteenth of Shevat.

1.   Merciful and compassionate Father, You protect your people Israel with love. Your pride and splendor is in them. In honor of the coming new year which begins on the fifteenth of Shevat, grant me the strength in Your great mercy to reveal the new glory that ascends before You from each and every Jew, no matter where he may be. For You taught us through Your true Tzaddikim that You renew Your world by bestowing great abundance and new splendor, in accordance with the new splendor that is revealed within every Jew at all times. We will discover the good points, the unique beauty, of our fellow Jews as it renews itself constantly, in ways that never existed before. Then You will open the gates to the heavenly worlds of salvation. You will reveal hidden secrets to us, and new pathways to the upper realms.
2.   Our Father, merciful Father, You love Your people Israel forever. Grant us a good heart and a generous outlook so that we can discover the grace, the inherent wisdom, and the beauty that exists within all of the wondrous creation that You brought into being. You made everything in wisdom. In particular, please help me to find and reveal the splendor of Your honor, the illumination of the glory of Your will, and Your beauty that exists within all of Your people Israel, even within the most simple Jew. Then we will be able to draw down all of the amazing supernal colors with which You want to enrich and adorn Your world. Help us to sanctify our eyes so that we will see only the good, the illumination and splendor that is within every single creation, and especially that which is within all Jews. We will then be worthy of receiving all of the good and the abundance that You want to bestow upon us in Your goodness. You want to renew Your Kingship over the universe with Your endless light every single day, with a new flourishing beauty, with a blossoming that never was before. You want to renew the world with new and wonderful supernal colors, so that Your world will grow in beauty from day to day.
3.   Therefore, help us, Hashem. You are a mighty and awesome G-d. You dwell on high, and Your presence rests over the entire globe. Your eyes range over the entire earth. Grant us a generous eye and a loving heart. Plant within our hearts a love for our brothers, sisters, and friends so that we will be able, together with all our fellow Jews, to renew our belief in the amazing goodness that renews itself each day. It is a goodness that never existed before, that You alone bestow upon us from Your throne of glory, from Your very essence, which is the source of all the Jewish souls. With this mutual love, we will merit to draw You to us and to make Your presence dwell in our Sanctuary, may it be built speedily and in our days, amen.
4.   Master of the Universe, have pity and compassion on this holy and amazing day that is like Rosh Hashanah, it is the new year for the trees. It is the day upon which Rabbi Yehoshua says that the souls of the Jewish people emanated forth. It is the day when You renew all of creation, and send down an abundance of new holy awareness to the souls of the Jewish people that are compared to trees. Please bestow the light of the holy "surrounding lights" upon us on the day when Your two holy Names YHVH and ADNY combine together and descend [their combined gematria is equal to both "ilan"/tree and "sukkah"]. Have pity and compassion on us and hear the sound of our prayers in Your mercy. Bestow upon us a holy flow of abundance, a Divine flow of abundance, of true holy intelligence, of the holy "surrounding lights" and of the holy spirit. Then the light of the mind will open for us and quicken our intellects so that we will be able to grasp the holy "surrounding lights" with great speed. We will merit to grasp the awesome mental level called "Kedem," which is the light of Your countenance, so that we will not need to learn the preliminaries in order to be able to understand elevated concepts. With this holy awareness, the flame that burns within our hearts will kindle itself. Help us, Hashem, so that our hearts will always be truly enflamed with an overwhelming enthusiasm for Your service and Your reverence, with G-dly sparks of fire. This holy enthusiasm in our hearts will then repair all of the damage that we caused with our heart’s old enthusiasm for the side of unholiness. We will then merit to repair all of our flaws that stem from our warmth and enthusiasm for material things, for negative desires and character traits, that brought us to lust for this-worldly things.
5.   That is why we have come to beseech You, our Father in heaven. Please act mercifully with us. Save us and devote Yourself to repairing our souls. Help us from now on, so that we will never again feel a passion in our hearts for any worldly desire, even for those things which are permitted. As to that which is forbidden, may no passion for those things ever touch our hearts! Help us and pity us! In Your compassion, please influence us so that we will feel a holy passion, flames of love, for Your Name and Your service. Help us to feel passionate about prayer and self-encouragement, about Torah study and teaching, and about fulfilling all of Your commandments in holiness and purity, the way that You truly want us to. Through this, we will merit to rectify the damage we inflicted on ourselves with our old passion for the side of unholiness. Then we will truly purify our hearts, and we will be able to always speak our hearts out before You and beseech You with holy words that are always new. Then our words will find satisfaction before Your throne of glory. We will merit coming close to You with a great and true closeness, wholeheartedly, as befits Your treasured people.
6.   "G-d, create a pure heart for me, and renew a proper spirit within me. Do not cast me away from before You, and do not take Your holy spirit away from me."
7.   Master of the Universe, have pity and mercy on me, that I should be worthy of creating true and original Torah interpretations in holiness and purity. May I be permitted by heaven to reveal them to Your people Israel, and may I be the conduit for sharing the good with which You graced me with the rest of the Jewish people. May I be worthy of revealing a treasure to Your treasured people, to reveal to them that which I grasp with my mind—the new and true Torah concepts that I develop in holiness and purity. May I do this in such a way that others will repent completely by hearing my words, and may I never stumble because of them. May I never say anything that contradicts Your Will. "He raises the poor man from the dust, the pauper from the dunghill." Have pity on me and fulfill my requests in mercy. Do it for Your own sake, and not for ours. Save us for Your sake and do not turn us away empty-handed from before You, our King. Favor us and answer us, hear the sound of our prayers. For You hear the prayers of every Jewish mouth in mercy, and listen to our voices from the depths. You listen to the voices of the Jewish people who groan and sigh, who cry out from a distant land. "You cannot ignore your poor brother—you shall surely help him. You shall surely raise him up." You cross  the heavens—in Your pride the highest heavens—in order to help us.
8.   May it be Your Will, Hashem our G-d and the G-d of our ancestors, Master of all deeds, Lord of all souls, that you should save us. Save us! Redeem even the ones who are weak, who are tired and exhausted, just as You redeemed our ancestors who were about to fall into the fiftieth gate of impurity. Hear the cry of Your people who have strayed, just as You heard the cries of our ancestors in Egypt and hearkened to their groans. You answered their cries and split the sea for them in the merit of Moshe their leader, despite the fact that they rebelled at the sea and brought the icon of Michah with them. You split the sea into twelve pathways, so that each tribe would pass through its unique channel. Please, Hashem, hearken to my cry as well, even though I am so far from You. No one has ever been as far from You as I am! Split the sea for me too, and remove all obscurity from me. Open my heart in my study of the Talmud and the law, and reveal new ways and paths to me that were never revealed before, ways that can help even someone as lowly as I am. Help even the person who has transgressed Your command not to make an icon. Save even the one who has yet to cast off the icon of Michah—the idolatry that makes the Torah into a mere means to attain a livelihood. Please save even the person whose Torah study is motivated by unholy brazenness, which is like idolatry, in the merit of the Tzaddik of the generation who is like Moshe.
9.   Master of the Universe, You helped Ehud ben Geira to uproot the idols, and through this, to subdue Eglon the king of Moav and his people. Because of Ehud ben Geira, the land of Israel was peaceful for eighty years. Help me, too, to cast off all of my idols so that I will become worthy of the shavings that remained from the chiseling of the Tablets, of the Torah of the true Tzaddikim that is free of any blemish, of any excess or ulterior motive. It was from these "shavings" that Moshe became wealthy—both spiritually and materially.
10.   My Father in heaven, grant me a heart that will know that all of the refuse/excess that exists in the world comes from me alone, from my slacking-off in my Torah study and mitzvah observance. All of the idols and heretics are empowered by my Torah study which is like idolatry and by my spiritless prayers in which I fail to overcome the heresy in my heart which prevents me from concentrating properly. This heresy obscures from me the knowledge that You are standing over me as I pray, listening to every single letter. It hides from me the knowledge that every single letter grabs a hold of me and embraces me, begging and pleading me to stay with it and not leave go of it—that I not, "go to gather in another’s field." Please, Hashem, have pity and mercy on me and help me to contemplate the beauty and splendor, the glow, and the precious and lovely virtues that are hidden within each and every letter. Please, have pity and mercy on me and stop me from my willful sinning and betrayal and from my evil-heartedness, so that I will no longer reject all of the good that is hidden within every single letter of the holy prayers. Help me to never hide miracles under a guise of nature. Please, Hashem, help me to attach myself to the true Tzaddik who drops like a stone into the depths to save Jewish souls from the abyss. Master of the entire world, You know how very far I am from believing in the power of prayer, how unclear it still is to me that every single letter of prayer can bring about all the salvation in the world. Please, Hashem, help me to strengthen myself in my faith, for You promised that You would send all manner of blessing and healing into the bread and water eaten by a person who never shames others, whose faith is unmarred, and who is free of licentiousness." And you will serve Hashem, your G-d, and He will bless your bread and your water, and I will remove illness from your midst. And it will be, if you listen well to the voice of Hashem, your G-d, and do that which is right in His eyes, and you hearken to His commandments and observe all His injunctions, all of the illness that I visited upon Egypt I will not visit upon you, for I am Hashem, your healer."
11.   Master of the Universe, full of mercy, have pity and mercy on someone whose prayers are as flawed as mine are. Instead of raising prayer up from the aspect of a mountain to the aspect of a field, and from the aspect of a field to the aspect of a home—instead of bringing about all manner of salvation, blessing, and healing with my prayers—I degraded them so much! I descended lower and lower and, worse, I even fell away from the little bit that I used to pray with proper concentration. I even fell into conceit and said, "I will rule." I made an icon of myself, and that made my prayers loathsome before You. Because of this, I became as far from the true Tzaddik as east is from west. Only the Tzaddik is able to raise prayer up to its proper place, and I forgot all about him. My G-d! I ignored all of his instruction; I turned my back on all of his advice. I wasted all of his promises that he would help us to become just like him. Oh, what evil I did! I was even worse than the Egyptian handmaid at the sea. In her attachment to the true Tzaddik Moshe, she merited to see You "face to face." She saw greater visions that Yechezkel ben Buzi. The sea split for her, and all of the Torah’s secrets were revealed to her. She pointed with her finger and said, "This is my G-d and I will glorify Him." Yet I, who come from the children of Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov, I fell lower than the fifty gates of impurity. I became defiled with all the impurity in the world, and in my great sins, I fall further and further every day. I slacken off in my Divine service from day to day, and I do not make any efforts in Your service at all. Not in Torah study, and not in prayer. And I have never managed to truly repent completely.
12.   Master of the Universe, have pity and mercy on me, for You can do everything. Nothing is impossible for You. You split the sea for our ancestors and graced them with miracles and wonders that never existed before. You raised them up out of the forty-nine gates of impurity to the forty-nine gates of holiness until they reached a level where the defilement from Adam’s sin left them. So too, Hashem, You can split the sea anew for me just as You did for Dasan and Aviram, despite their wickedness and rebelliousness. You had mercy on them in the merit of Moshe Rabbeinu even though they hadn’t wanted to leave Egypt. You overturned the natural order for their sakes. Have mercy on me as well, Hashem, on such a weak and disgraced person as I am. I allow myself to slacken so as not to leave Egypt and become a free person. I am sunk into a physical and spiritual exile that is worse than all other exiles. Please do it in the merit of the greatest Tzaddik who is like Moshe Rabbeinu. Although I am much worse than anyone else, please save me. For You bring new circumstances into being constantly, and perform endless and unfathomable miracles and wonders that never were before. Please, Hashem, have mercy on me too in Your amazing mercy, in Your new mercy and kindness that never were revealed before. Please do it in the merit of the holy Tzaddikim that rest in the earth, so that I will become worthy of returning to You, to the path that leads to life, in absolute truth. Do not allow me to stray further on confusing and convoluted paths that deny Your Will. I will then go in darkness no longer, and I will no longer claim that lies are the truth. I will trust in Your Name and rely on my G-d. Hashem, do not drive me from Your paths, and don’t allow my heart to remain unyielding and unresponsive to Your reverence. "I wandered like a lost sheep. Seek out Your servant, for I have not forgotten Your commandments."
13.   Master of the Universe, help me and save me, for You are the source of everything and everything is within Your power. Please sanctify and purify my thoughts in Your great mercy. Help me to reach the true path, and give me hope so that I will never be lost. Help me to truly be the way You really want me to be, and I will repair all of the damage that I caused. My sins will be transformed into merits. Then, on Shabbos Shirah, the Shabbos when all of creation sings before You, when all of the bodies of water in the world split, my sealed-up heart will split too. With it, all of the sealed-up hearts will split, and all of the heretics will become believers. As the verse says, "And they believed in Hashem and in Moshe His servant." In our time, too, the Tzaddik who has the power to arouse and reveal the choicest heavenly melody and song will also be revealed. This song can free us forever and instill everlasting faith within all of the souls that fell into error and confusion, that were sunk in the heresy that stems from the "vacated space." Please have pity and mercy on Your people Israel, for You alone know how pitiful our situation really is. Make the true Tzaddik who is like Moshe appear, and may he redeem us in his mercy. He will help us sound out for the whole world to hear, "The G-d of Israel is King, and His Kingship extends to all realms."
14.   Master of the Universe, guide us, teach us, and lead us in Your truth. Teach us the absolute truth, as You truly desire. Have mercy on us for the sake of Your Name, for the sake of Your manifold and powerful kindnesses. Have mercy on us for Your sake alone, for the sake of the honor of Your Name, so that all of the nations of the world will know and recognize that there is no ruler above and below but You. You rule over the sea and its breakers mightily, and no one can tell You what to do. Therefore, Hashem my G-d and the G-d of my fathers—the G-d of Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov, Moshe, Aharon, Yosef, and David—You remembered Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov who believed in You, and Yosef HaTzaddik who guarded the holy covenant. The merit of Moshe and Aharon stood by us at the splitting of the sea, and the merit of David’s soul went before us in the form of the pillar of fire. You performed awesome miracles at the sea for our forefathers. So too now, Hashem, perform miracles for us and raise us up. Draw us close to You and surround us with the seven clouds of glory in the merit of the seven shepherds. The clouds will protect us from seeing that which is forbidden, from all kinds of snakes and scorpions that surround us at all times. All of the snakes and scorpions will then become our assistants, and they too will sing before You. They too will thank You for Your kindness and Your incredible mercy, and we will all then merit to hear the song of the scorpion, "Hashem is good to all, and His mercy is upon all of His works." We will then know that everything was for the best, and that all of Your creations were Your messengers. Not a single one of them ever lifted its hand or foot without Your enabling it to do so. We will even hear the song of the snake, "Hashem supports all the fallen, and causes all the bent to stand upright." Then we will never stumble; we will rise forever from all of the failures in the world. Even the serpent is destined to rise up out of the deepest hell. He is destined to be rectified and to stand upright, just as he did in Gan Eden before the sin.
15.   Master of the Universe, You support all those who are falling, and You cause those who are bent over to stand upright. Have pity and compassion on us and transform all of our falling into rising, all of our failures into successes, and all of our sins into merits. Please redeem a sinner—one who has also brought others to sin—from the grave. I have been swallowed by the serpent, and I have already become just like him. Redeem me, the messenger of the Satan that I am—heaven help me. For the true Tzaddikim have the power to transform even a serpent like me into a staff of G-d, a staff made of sapphire and jewels. As Rabbi Nachman said, "I can make you just like me." He can do it as long as a person inclines his heart to the ways of the Tzaddikim, and his ears to their counsel. Please bind me to You with every fiber of my being, from my very innards and with all of my heart’s imaginings and inner-speculations, so that I should be entirely subservient to You. May every aspect of my being be nothing other than a servant of Your Will and I will glorify Your great Name with an endless attachment to Your Torah. Please, Hashem, incline all my outer and inner faculties to want to do Your Will. Transform all of the forces of will within me which are obstinate so that they will want to listen to You—to Your Torah and Your counsel. Please lead me along the path that is truly in line with Your Will in my every movement, so that I will resist the defilement of bodily lusts and negative traits in every way possible, and instead choose the good. I will choose holy desire, a holy longing and yearning to really and truly be the way You want me to be, so that I will never again sin, G-d forbid. From now on, may all of my sins and all of the damage that I caused with my actions, speech, and thought be rectified and transformed into merits. May all that I failed to do in this incarnation and in my other incarnations be repaired, so that I will never have another judgment hanging over me again, G-d forbid—not in this world, and not in the world to come. My mind and heart will then become cleansed so that I will be able to feel a profound joy in You and in Your true Tzaddikim constantly. Then, even while I still live, I will merit to become a part of You, to "run and return" just as You truly want me to, for now and forever.
16.   Master of the Universe, help me and save me. Redeem me and change all of my desires into the desire for You alone. The Egyptian handmaid at the sea transformed all of her desires into attachment to You, and the daughter of Pharaoh purified herself from the idolatry of her father’s house so that she could save and raise Your redeemer. So too, help me, for I am infinitely more lowly than either of these women. Help me to make my will subservient to Yours. Help me to serve Your Tzaddikim, the mighty ones who do Your Will. Make me worthy of publicizing their names and their teachings and fulfilling their counsel, so that I will be able to absolutely resist all evil and be unaffected by the defilement of lust and negative character traits. I will fulfill that which was said of Yosef, "And he resisted," in every possible way, with every kind of cry and thunderous noise, with screaming and great fear. I will resist out of true attachment to the true Tzaddikim until I attach myself and become a part of the incredible power of the righteousness of the one who split the sea for the entire Jewish people and who revealed the unique spiritual path for each and every one of them. I beg of You, help me in Yosef HaTzaddik’s merit to completely resist all negative desires and traits, including all anger and baseless hatred, until I am able to atone for all of the sins of my present and past incarnations. Then there will be no judgments against me, G-d forbid, not in this world and not in the world to come. Cleanse my mind and my heart at the time when all of creation sings and feels joy in You and Your true Tzaddikim. May I feel joy only in Hashem and those who fear Him—those who do His Will with the utmost sensitivity at all times. As the verse says, "And they believed in Hashem and in Moshe His servant." May I merit to become a part of You just as You truly want me to be, now and forever.
17.   Master of the Universe, please bring us to the humility of Moshe Rabbeinu, to his attribute of self-effacedness and submissiveness. It was only for that quality that he was praised and exalted above all other mortals. "And the man Moshe was more humble than any other person on the entire earth." Bring me to the level of being literally as nothing—that level was what gave Moshe the power to overturn the entire natural order, to change the sea into nothing, and to join fire and water together. He nullified all the four elements—fire, water, air, and earth—by nullifying the four elements within himself. This nullification allowed him to rule over all four levels of being: the inanimate, the vegetable, the animal, and the human. It also allowed him to rule over all four worlds: Asiyah, Yetzirah, Beriyah, and Atzilus. He nullified himself before every single Jew completely, and he therefore merited releasing all of the six hundred thousand root souls of the Jewish people from Egypt. Please, Hashem, in Your great mercy, help me to also nullify myself this way, to become absolutely nothing. Help me to have constant and crystal clear awareness that every single Jew, even one that I, G-d forbid, considered the lowest of the low, is infinitely greater than I am. May I never, even in the subtlest way, entertain the thought that I am, G-d forbid, better than any other Jew in the world. May I only know that there is no one worse than I am. I am worse than anyone else in the world. I am even lower than the level on which I imagine myself to be. I am in the deepest depths of hell. And I don’t know how to cry out to You, for a genuine cry from the depths of the heart is greater than anything else. It can release me from all the straits and the treacherous waters in the world. You alone know, my living redeemer and Eternal One, that I am sinking in the quicksand and that I can find no foothold; I have fallen into deep water and the whirlpool is drowning me. Save me from the mire, and I will not drown. Then I will be saved from my enemies and from the deep waters. The whirlpool will not drown me; the pool will not swallow me, and the well will not close its mouth over me. Help me to literally pour my heart out like water before You, for all of the lamenting, bitter crying, and screaming in the world cannot express the pain of the troubles of the soul. There is nothing more painful than the troubles of the soul.
18.   Even so, after all, we believe completely in the power of Moshe Rabbeinu, who is manifest in every generation, to release even us from the treacherous waters. We still believe that he can split all the waters in the world for us, all of the troubles and straits, all of the floods that overwhelm our hearts and minds. Please, Hashem, may we all be worthy in the merit of Moshe Rabbeinu of the stream of brilliant endless light. This is the light that the handmaid saw at the sea. It is the light that every fetus in its mother’s womb merits to experience with an awareness that transcended awareness, with a pleasure that transcends all pleasure, infinitely and without limit. May we be worthy of being faithful disciples of the true Tzaddik, just like Yehoshua ben Nun. "And Yehoshua ben Nun, the youth, did not move from within the tent." Rav Avraham ben Rav Nachman would say about him, that Yehoshua didn’t use the Torah to make something of himself. Instead, he merited to always being like nothing, and that was what gave him the power to subdue Amalek and bring the Jewish people into Eretz Israel. It gave him the power to make the sun and the moon stand still, and to overturn the natural order.
19.   I beg of You, Hashem, merciful and compassionate One, you left nothing lacking in Your universe. You created good trees so that human beings could enjoy them. Please, help us to taste the honeycomb of Your pleasant fruits that You created to glorify Your world. Help me to taste the illumination of Your Will that rests within Your fruits, for in this way, all of the worlds rise and return to You in love. Make me worthy of tasting it in the merit of Your people Israel who taste, on this day, from an abundant variety of Your fruits so that they can see the sefiros in all of the worlds rectified.
20.   Please, Hashem, help us to taste of Your fruits in holiness and purity, for the sake of heaven. Help us to rectify them at their spiritual root as it existed in Gan Eden, when You commanded Adam HaRishon to eat from all the trees of the Garden. Help me tap into the lofty mysteries that are hidden within each and every fruit—to its nature as an amazing vessel that holds the illumination of Your Will. Help me to experience supernal attachment to You and to Your endless light the way it was when the hidden light still shone, and Adam HaRishon was prepared for the day that is entirely Shabbos.
21.   Master of the Universe, You revealed to us through the choicest among Your Tzaddikim, that we can be worthy of all this even now. You revealed that it can be experienced specifically by eating, for eating in holiness and purity can draw down amazing "encircling lights," spiritual awareness that is so lofty that even angels cannot grasp it. This is why we have come before You now to beg and plead, our Father, merciful Father. May our eating Your fruits in holiness and purity cause You to illuminate us with an illumination of Your Will, with an illumination of the supernal sweetness, so that we will merit to long and yearn for You intensely. This longing will release us from the limitations of our physical natures entirely, until we merit to grasp even that which the angels do not. For, in the future, the Tzaddikim will sit closer to You than the ministering angels, and the angels will have to come and ask the Jewish people, "What has G-d done?"
22.   Master of the Universe, help me experience the supernal sweetness that flows into and illuminates Your fruits. Bring me to taste the supernal sweetness that draws after it the revelation of Your glory, which is the source of all creation. It is the source of all the ten utterances of creation, with which the world is created anew. Please, Hashem, may our tasting of Your fruits bring us to taste this supernal sweetness, to gaze at the beauty of G-d and see Your greatness. "One thing I have desired of Hashem: that will I seek to dwell in the house of Hashem all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of Hashem, and to inquire in His temple."
23.   Please, open our hearts and minds so that we will taste in the fruits that which Yaakov experienced when he took rods of green poplar, almond, and plane wood. Make us worthy of an illumination of the Chassadim that Yaakov drew down to the world, and to the nullification of the power of the primordial serpent whose feet go down to death, when he joined all of the world and all of the supernal colors together through his use of the white that was in the wooden rods. That inner whiteness represents the mercies of Arich Anpin, the Chassadim of Keter; it is part of the mystery of, "Hashem is King. Hashem was King. Hashem will be King forever and ever. And Hashem will be King over all the earth." Make me worthy of the Chassadim that reveal Your Kingship in the world, to the mystery of, "Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me." The rod ["shevet"] is part of the inner meaning of the month of Shevat, of the staffs ["shevatim"] and rods that Yaakov set up at the troughs of water. He did this in order to draw the waters of Chessed down to the world, to save it from the treacherous waters and to purify it from the defilement of the serpent.
24.   Master of the Universe, "Hashem is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters." Please help me through the supernal sweetness that fills Your fruits to restore the world to its former glory and splendor—to restore the pleasantness that it had before the sin, until we are even able to rectify the serpent and restore him to his former glory that he had in Gan Eden before the sin. Rabbi Shimon ben Menasiah said about the serpent, "What a pity about the great helper that was lost from the world. If the serpent had not been cursed, every single Jew would have had two good serpents—one that he would send to the north, the other to the south—to bring him precious stones and pearls from all over the world."
25.   Help us to be cleansed of the defilement of the serpent that was a result of Adam HaRishon’s sin. He gazed above his true level, at a time when he should have been concentrating on acquiring the noble traits of self-effacement and humility. Please, Hashem, bring us to the true humility that will serve to rectify the original sin of arrogance. Adam HaRishon had sought to experience new levels of understanding before the proper time, before he had merited the holiness of Shabbos, which transcends all space. The Shabbos is the aspect of, "Until one does not know," the nullification of all that one knows. It—by being the essence of modesty and humility—is the vessel which can then contain all new and higher levels of G-dly awareness. "One should be extremely humble." Please help me to attain true humility, for with it one can merit to experience a revelation of the foundation stone. This is what David merited, about whom the verse said, "He was the small one." In his humility, he became manifest as the pillar of fire that went before the Jewish camp in the wilderness. He merited a revelation of the fiftieth gate, the place where all prayers ascend in Yerushalayim. The verse says about Yerushalayim, "She shall be lifted up, and shall remain below her place." As much as a person rises there, that much does he merit to see more and more of his own lowliness, until he merits to see that he is really much lower than his own level. More and more of his humble state and his distance from Hashem is revealed to him as he rises from one level to the next.
26.   Please, merciful Father, You raise the lowly tree and cause the green wood to blossom. Make me worthy of the mystery of the fifteenth of Shevat, which is the pupil of the eye for the fourth quarter of the year. This final quarter is the pupil of the eye in relation to the other three-quarters of the year. The first three-quarters are the designated times for subduing the three first impure husks: the stormwind, the great cloud, and the flashing fire. Make us worthy, through the power of the true Tzaddik who is like Moshe, to also subdue the fourth impure husk, the shining one, until we become in our own eyes even lower than our own level. As the verse says, "Each man should sit below himself." How much more so must we feel how small we are compared with every other Jew, even compared with those about whom we erred and thought whatever we thought, heaven help us! Please help us to recognize and feel that even the lowliest Jew is light years above us and beyond us.
27.   Then we too, in our generation, will merit having the aspect of Moshe revealed among us, fulfilling the verses: "Oh, that You would rend the heavens, that You would come down…When You did terrible things which had not been anticipated, when You came down, the mountains flow down at Your presence. For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear—neither has the eye seen—that a god besides You should do such a thing for him that waits for Him…I was ready to be sought by those who did not ask for Me. I was ready to be found by those who did not seek Me. I said, 'Here I am, here I am' to a nation that was not called by my Name…For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth. The former things will not be remembered, nor come to mind. But be glad and rejoice forever in that which I create. For, behold, I create Yerushalayim a rejoicing, and her people a joy. And I will rejoice in Yerushalayim, and have joy in my people…And they will build houses, and inhabit them, and they will plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them. They will not labor in vain, nor bring forth for confusion, for they are the seed of the blessed of Hashem, and their offspring with them. And it will come to pass that before they call, I will answer. And while they are yet speaking, I will hear. The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox, and dust will be the serpent’s food. They will not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, says Hashem."
28.   "The wolf will also dwell with the lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the kid, and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together, and a little child will lead them. And the cow and bear will feed; their young ones will lie down together. And the lion will eat straw like the ox. And the sucking child will play on the hole of the cobra, and the weaned child will put his hand on the viper’s nest…And there will come forth a rod out of the stem of Yishai, and a branch will grow out of his roots. And the spirit of Hashem will rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of Hashem. And his delight will be in the fear of Hashem. And he will not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither decide after the hearing of his ears, but with righteousness will he judge the poor, and decide with equity for the meek of the earth…And righteousness will be the girdle of his loins, and faithfulness the girdle of his reins…For to us a child is born, to us a son is given. And the government is upon his shoulder, and his name is called wondrous advisor, mighty force, eternal father, prince of peace. For the increase of the realm and for peace without end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice. From henceforth forever. The zeal of the Lord of Hosts performs this…They will not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain. For the earth will be full of the knowledge of Hashem, as the waters cover the sea."
29.   Master of the Universe, Master of the entire world, show me and teach me how to arrange a fitting and true prayer before You out of all the wonderful teachings that You graced us with in Your great mercy. For You alone know how great and how very deep their secrets are. In Your incredible mercy, You allowed them to descend into this world in our times through Your amazing and wondrous Tzaddikim, whose souls preceded creation. With them, You sealed Your world from the beginning of creation until the end of time. You promised those who drew close to them, that they would be uplifted from the ten sefiros of the other side and even from places lower than that, and raised up to the highest levels of holiness—to Chochmah, Binah, and Da’as. You promised to do this as long as they followed the ways of the Tzaddikim, distanced themselves from lusts absolutely, and completely despised all negative desires.
30.   That is why we have come before You, merciful Father. You gather up the dispersed of Your people Israel. Please raise up out of the dust even souls like us who have already fallen to the places where they have fallen, who have already done what they have done, and been defiled in the ways that they have been defiled. Do it as You promised Moshe Your servant, the trusted one of Your household, and to all the Tzaddikim who came as later manifestations of him. For they are able to release the people from Egypt, to split the sea for them and give them the Torah, to do the unexpected by bringing signs and wonders to Egypt. You gave them the power to infuse with understanding, knowledge, holiness and purity, even people who are shattered to pieces like I am—to those who are like the shattered vessel that I am today, people who are broken because of their hearts that strayed from You and were shattered. Please have pity and mercy, and gather together and bring in all of the lost ones, all of the dispersed ones, even the broken pieces that were ground to dust. They have been dirtied with all kinds of filth; they have been spread out and scattered to the four corners of the earth and the farthest reaches of the sea. They have fallen down lower than the depths of the grave. "As when one cuts and breaks up wood on the earth, so are our bones strewn at the mouth of the grave." They have placed me into a deep pit, into the dark places and the mires. Please, save and redeem even those who have been caught in thousands and tens of thousands of nets, in an infinite number of traps. "I was poured out like water, and all my bones fell out of joint. My heart melted within me…They prepared a trap for my footsteps, my soul was brought low. They dug a pit before me, I fell into it." If it hadn’t been for Your mercy and kindness, we would have been lost in our travail. Please, Hashem, have pity and mercy on our scattered souls and gather our lost ones who were dispersed. You planned far ahead, and all for our ultimate good. You did what You did, and You acted in accordance with Your mercy. You planned ahead and sent us such amazing Tzaddikim who left behind a blessing—their holy and precious books. They have recently increased so much in the world, and their novel Torah concepts—amazing teachings—have never been revealed in the world. They stem from the most holy level of Attik, the most hidden and the most sealed up place in all the King’s treasuries. Yet the main element of these teachings is their simple and sweet counsel, the advice that is so easy to follow. Who could divine their source? They stem from the holy level of Attik, from the highest place of desire, from the most hidden place of all.
31.   Please, Hashem, make us worthy of all of the holy qualities hidden within this fifteenth day of Shevat. Make us worthy of all of the mysterious allusions that were revealed to us through these choicest of the Tzaddikim. They informed us that the souls of the Jewish people emanated forth from You on this day, particularly the souls of the Tzaddikim that  have as their source the ten types of melody. It was from them that Moshe the faithful shepherd drew down the plague of locusts on this day. Please raise us and uplift us until every single one of us merits to feel the human life-force that is hidden within the ten types of melody. It is alluded to in the name of the plague of locusts, "arbeh," which is an acronym for the phrase, "Indeed there is a spirit within a human being." This spirit is drawn down with the wondrous and holy staff which was ten cubits long. Its spiritual root was the ten types of melody with which Moshe used to perform all of the signs and wonders. With that staff, he smote Sichon the king of the Emorites, and Og the king of the Bashan. With it, he drew down the holiness of the month of Shevat, the time when all of the seventy facets of the Torah and the seventy languages in which it was explained were revealed. During this month, all of the Torah’s wonders and amazing secrets are revealed even to those people like us who are lowly and damaged. They are revealed in order to strengthen us with faith and holiness, with song and music, with dance and joy. As in, "Sing a 'maskil,' an intelligent song." Through song, all wisdom and intelligence is drawn down.
32.   Master of the Universe, grace us with a good intellect that is above all intellect, the consciousness of complete faith to know that You are the Master of all, You are above all, and that there is nothing above You. You fill all worlds and surround all worlds; You are above all worlds and below all worlds. You are in the midst of all worlds; there is no place devoid of You. Bring us to know and understand that every thought, word, and act of holiness is all from You, and every thought, word, and act that is not holy is a result of our muddied-up minds and blood. Help us to use our free will that You gave us for the good, to choose to think the good thoughts that You send to us and, with them, to overcome the negative thoughts. Help us to choose the incredible Tzaddikim that You sent to us, to cleave to them and, and with their power, to escape from all the improper thoughts and actions that have clung to us, heaven help us. Oh, how we have gone from one extreme to the other! We have been like the evil Pharaoh who wouldn’t heed all of the amazing signs and wonders. We too have not heeded all of the amazing hints that You send us every moment, and we have not hearkened to the voices calling out, echoing from one end of the earth to the other.
33.   Please, merciful and compassionate One, release us from all perplexity, from all of our negative thoughts and all of our confusion that comes from the primordial vacated space. Please help us on the fifteenth day of Shevat, the day of the plague of locusts. For through the ten types of melody— which is the spirit within a human being—and through songs, praises and dancing, we will merit having all our sins forgiven. We will know and believe that You alone created the heavens and earth, the highest heavens and all its hosts, the seas and all that is within them, the beasts and the birds, the sea monsters and all the fish. Through this spirit that is within a human being, we will know and believe that You created all that exists, from the leviathan who is so immense that all the worlds are suspended from a single one of its scales, down to the tiny hyssop that grows out of a crack in the wall. You sustain them all, and Your Kingdom extends to all realms. You fill all worlds, and You surround all worlds. You are above all worlds and below all worlds; You are in the midst of all worlds, and there is no place devoid of You. You are One and absolutely unique; You are above all and there is nothing above You. You are the highest of the high and the most hidden of the hidden, and no mind can comprehend You at all.
34.   Master of the Universe, full of endless and immeasurable mercy. You long for the rectification of Your world. You want to bring all of the heretics, including me, back to Your most holy and pure faith. Please have pity and mercy, and send us a redeemer and a savior just as You sent Moshe Your servant, the faithful shepherd. You revealed the song of the sea to him, and all of the holy songs and melodies, whether they were from this world or from the world to come. You revealed all the songs that were and all that were yet to be. With them, Moshe was able to draw down the plague of locusts, and also raise up many souls out of the grips of heresy. He released the Jewish people from Egypt so that they could come before Mount Sinai to hear the ten commandments given amid the sound of thunder and lightning—the sound that resonated from one end of the earth to the other. Please, merciful Father, release me now too from slavery to freedom and from heresy to faith with the power of the songs and melodies of Shabbos Shirah, with the power of the song of creation. Please rescue us with the sweetness that ascends before You from the song of the trees and the plants of the fields, that ascends out of all of the heresy and confusion, all the obscurity and lack of faith, that fell into the trees and plants. Please bring us to the silence of Moshe, which is the root of all song and melody, so that we should never again have any doubts or questions about anything in the world, G-d forbid. Please plant simplicity and innocence within our hearts, so that our hearts will be whole and perfect with You and Your Tzaddikim. Then we will never entertain a doubt or question in our hearts, G-d forbid, about You or any of Your holy and pure, your worthy and perfect Tzaddikim who are Your emissaries in every generation. Please, give us life and sustain us, restore us to You. Revive our souls and purify our spirits with every kind of holiness and purity that can restore a holy soul. Then we will merit having a soul like David’s that sang and played music before You each and every night. It was busy with the songs and praises that help bring on the morning light, the light of faith. Make us worthy of the melody of the sweet singer of Israel who, with one melody, merited drawing down the soul of the one who built the Temple, during which time the moon was made whole again.
35.   "Awake my glory, awake the harp and lyre. I will awaken the dawn."
36.   Master of the Universe, please arouse our hearts to perfect faith in You, to study Your holy Torah, and to truly serve You. Bless us with songs and melodies and reveal holy music to us that has the same source as the primordial vacated space. This is the pinnacle of faith and the melody of the endless light, which is the supernal song of Moshe Rabbeinu, and is the root of all the songs and melodies in the world. Help us so that we will truly come to complete faith, so the verse will be fulfilled in us: "Come and sing from the pinnacle of faith."
37.   Make me worthy of becoming a part of the soul of Moshe Rabbeinu, who was the epitome of silence. Then I will merit making silence a habit, as the Sages said, "A fence for wisdom is silence" and "I never found anything as good for the body as silence." I will then merit being silent even in my thoughts, in every place where I need to be silent, whenever confusing thoughts enter my mind. Especially when I have a thought that is confusing about faith, I will merit being silent. I will be like one who cannot hear and has no rebuke in his mouth. I will not hear like one who is deaf, and I will not open my mouth like one who is mute. I will simply merit to be completely unhearing and silent even in my mind. I will ascend and be incorporated within the supernal silence, which is the source of holy faith, the source of all the melodies and songs in the world.
38.   Master of the Universe, on this amazing Shabbos, when all of the heavenly and earthly creatures sing to You, help me to shake off all my earthliness that clings to me and covers me. Then I will merit to cling to true Tzaddikim, who will blow on me with their holy breath. They will blow off all of the mountains of dust and depression—the despair and the melancholy—that covers me. They will reveal the fire that burns within my heart, the lights of the flame within the heart of every Jew that burns endlessly for You. They will uncover the eternal flame that burns on the altar and is never extinguished, so that we will be able to be satisfied from Your goodness, to feel satisfied from the brilliance of our own souls—"To behold the beauty of Hashem and to inquire in His Temple…Fortunate is the one who is chosen and brought close to dwell in Your courtyard. We will be satisfied with the goodness of Your house, the holiness of Your Temple." We will merit knowing the One who spoke and brought the universe into being, the One to whom the sea belongs. He created it; His hands formed the continents. For this is the true meaning of success, the epitome of salvation. It is the greatest thing and the ultimate goal for which we were created. Please, Hashem, send us a ray of light from Your heaven to bring us out of depression and laziness, confusion and weakness, despair and heresy—from the beastliness and foolishness that has been leading me around for so many years like some mindless calf, or a dumb ox, that destroys all the good fields that it tramples over. Please, raise me up from beastliness to the level of a human being, from being a wild ox to being the ox that is part of the heavenly chariot, for nothing can stop Hashem from saving us truly and completely, forever and ever, instantly. Then I will merit hearing and singing the song of the ox in the heavenly chariot, "I will sing to Hashem for He has humbled the haughty. The horse and its rider He threw into the sea." I will merit to say the song of the sea every day with incredible enthusiasm and amazing fervor, for the entire redemption, the building of the Temple and the resurrection, depend on this. This is why Rabbi Yosi said, "If, at the sea, the Jewish people had only said, 'Hashem is King forever,' then no people or nation would ever have been able to rule over them."
39.   Master of the Universe, have pity and mercy on Your people, Your flock—the children of Your beloved Avraham, Your only son Yitzchak, the community of Yaakov Your firstborn son. "You have brought a vine out of Egypt; You have cast out nations and planted it. You cleared a space for it. You caused it to take deep root and it filled the land. The hills were covered with the shadow of it, and the mighty cedars with its boughs. She sends out her boughs to the sea, and her branches to the river. Why have You then broken down her fences, so that all who pass by the way do pluck her fruit? The boar out of the wood ravages it, and the wild beast of the field devours it. Return, we beseech You, Oh G-d of hosts. Look down from heaven, and behold. Be mindful of this vine and of the stock which Your right hand has planted, and the branch that You made strong for Yourself. It is burned with fire; it is cut down. They perish at the rebuke of Your countenance. Let Your hand be upon the man of Your right hand, upon the son of a man whom You made strong for yourself, so that will we not turn back from You. Revive us and we will call upon Your Name. Restore us, Oh Lord, G-d of hosts—cause Your face to shine, and we will be saved."
40.   Please, Hashem, return and be mindful of this vine on the fifteenth day of Shevat which is forty days before the creation of the universe. It is the day when You caused our souls to emanate forth from You; it was when You called us Your children, and raised us up above all the worlds. You gave us then rulership over the sun, the moon, and the stars, and over the entire order of nature—the constellations and the spheres. Please forgive our rebelliousness against all of this, for we went from one extreme to the other and now animals in the guise of human beings rule over us. It has happened because we failed to fulfill the instruction, "Go out in the footsteps of the sheep." Rashi explains that this means that we should contemplate the ways of our forefathers who received the Torah and observed its commandments. The reward for this will be, "…and pasture your kids near the tents of the shepherds." We would then be able to rule over the princes of other nations. But, instead, we sinned and caused damage, and so we have fallen lower and lower, and found ourselves caught up in living like animals. We sullied our minds with all kinds of impurity, until we have gone to the opposite extreme of that which we were meant to be. We have been placed under the boot of the gentile nations and the lowest of the nations and of human beings rule over us.
41.   Our Father, merciful Father, You revealed to us that there is no such thing as despair. Even now, You are prepared to restore us to our former glory and bring us back to our source and our beauty. For You don’t want us to despair, for despair can be worse than the original trouble that inspired the despair. Despair drives a person down to the deepest hell, G-d forbid. You don’t want us to despair even the slightest bit, G-d forbid! For such thoughts and confusing ideas are completely damaging. They anger our Creator more than all the sins that we have ever committed. Please, pull us out of the treacherous waters, draw us out of this despair, from this feeling of loss and destruction, for we still have great hope at every single moment.
42.   "The kindnesses of Hashem are not exhausted; His mercies are not ended."
43.   But what can we do? All of this is hidden from us because we have already fallen so far! Because we are so far away, we cannot know just how great His mercy and kindness really is for all those who truly want to return. Even though we have yet to repent in our foolishness, we do not know how great is His salvation. We don’t know that all Hashem wants is to return and have mercy upon all those who wait expectantly for Him, who yearn and seek out ways to escape and return to Him. All this is despite the fact that their confusion overwhelms them constantly, and even after years still will not allow them to return to their Father’s house. Our Father in heaven, merciful and compassionate G-d, if only we could know—could remember—that despite all our failures, Your kindness overwhelms us in a way that is impossible to describe or calculate. "If all the seas were ink, and all the reeds were quills, if all humanity were scribes, and every tongue did praise, it would still be insufficient to recount or describe even one of Your myriad kindnesses with which You lovingly lead every generation." This is especially true for all of the downcast and distressed ones, who truly long and wait to return to You.
44.   However, You have called out to me now, my Father who instructs my youth. Will You forever maintain Your anger? I beg of You, strengthen us and we will be strong. Renew us at all times so that we can begin to serve our Creator. Help us to shake off our dust and be aroused by Your comforting words: "Shake off the dust; arise. Put on your garments of glory, my people! Awake, awake, for your light has come. Arise, my light. Wake up, wake up, and sing! The glory of G-d is revealed upon you…Arise, arise, and sing! Do not be silent; do not be quiet! Raise your sweet voice and open your mouth before the Holy One. Let Him hear your pleasant words, the words that first come from your mouth will illuminate your later words. Sing!"
45.   Master of the Universe, L-rd of all souls, during this new year that begins on the fifteenth of Shevat, help us to draw down new and amazing souls that will light up the world with their light. Help us to draw them down with every single letter which we utter in our prayers and in our Torah study. Help us, on this day when the souls of the Jewish people came into being, to draw down great souls, holy souls, that possess profound G-dly awareness. May they merit grasping in this world the mystery of the intercalation of the calendar, which is called "your wisdom and understanding in the eyes of all the nations." May they merit to know the secret of the paths of the spheres and all of the  changes that those spheres cause, in accordance with Your goodwill, as You mercifully lead them through the lofty souls and pure spiritual intellects. May they merit to know the secret of Your governance and Your amazing kindness that renews itself upon us at all times, so that they can make Your G-dliness known in the world and sanctify Your Name in the eyes of all the nations.
46.   Please, Hashem, make us worthy of drawing down amazing souls and of creating angels that influence the growth of all the plants and beings in the world, through every single letter of our prayers and our study of the holy Torah. Help us and give us the strength to nurture holy faith with all our might, until all of the false beliefs in the world fall and become null and void. Everyone will then bow to You, and ascribe greatness to the glory of Your Name. Everyone will hear the song of the ox in the heavenly chariot, "The horse and its rider, He threw into the sea." It is the song of Divine Providence that subdues the natural philosophers and their ideologies. For a single letter of Your holy Torah can utterly cancel out all of the false ideologies in the world. They become null and void when confronted by a single letter of the pure and perfect prayers that are offered up to You. For every single letter of the written and oral Torah—whether it is part of a comment of Rashi’s or of Tosafos, or of any of the rest of the holy Torah’s commentators—has this power. They are all Your Tzaddikim, Your pure ones, who lived in all the generations. For every single letter of the written or oral Torah has the power to drown all of the chariots of the other side, together with their legions and their sages, to drown them into the deepest cavern of the abyss, so that they leave no trace. Then the verse will be fulfilled: "You have seen Egypt today. You will not see them ever again. Hashem will fight for you, and you will be silent."
47.   Our Father in heaven, may our study of the holy Torah in love and fear, in simplicity and joy, enable us to draw down great souls that will have an influence on all the heavenly spheres, on all the constellations and stars. Please help us to draw down amazing intelligence for these souls, whether they have already emanated forth from You, or haven’t yet done so, whether they have already been created, or have not yet been created. Help us, on this day, to draw amazing intelligence down for them, the intelligence that drives the spheres and all the nations of the world. For You rule over the entire world through the intelligence of Your incredible Tzaddikim, and through the innocence of Your wondrous perfect ones. When You raise them up in their perfection and their lofty attachment to You, You raise them up above the stars. You make them to rule over the world and all that is in it. As in, "The Tzaddik decrees, and Hashem fulfills it. Hashem decrees, and the Tzaddik nullifies it."
48.   Master of the Universe, You revealed to us that it is possible to plant a heart within the heretics by praying with proper concentration. It is possible to release and redeem all those who are drowning in heresy through singing holy melodies.
49.   Therefore, please help us to pray with proper concentration and make holy music before You until we extricate all of the heretics and straying souls from the treacherous waters. With the purity of our thoughts, we will merit leaving Egypt, and by keeping our eyes and mouths pure, we will see the sounds and hear the ten commandments loudly, at every moment, for the sounds get stronger from moment to moment. "Thou shall not commit adultery." We will hear it, and then the fear of Hashem will always be on our faces, so that we will be afraid to raise our eyes even for a fleeting moment. Then the verse will be fulfilled in us, "And it was on the third day, that Avraham lifted his eyes." He walked with his eyes closed for three full days, until he felt the Shechinah before him. "And Avraham raised his eyes and saw the place from afar." He saw the Shechinah attached to the Mount. Please, Hashem, help us to guard our eyes and sanctify all our senses, so that the true Tzaddikim will illuminate us with their Torah and help us to follow their advice. Then we will become a part of the praise offered by the plants in the field, and the songs of the trees. We will then merit to sing the song of all creation, until the one who causes the field to speak in praise, Moshiach, the master of the field, comes.
50.   Master of the Universe, You revealed the power of Shabbos joy to us—on which our coming closer to You depends. Therefore, may it be Your Will, Hashem our G-d and the G-d of our ancestors, that You will, in Your great mercy, help me to receive the holy Shabbos in joy and great happiness. May this be so especially on Shabbos Shirah, the Shabbos of the fall of Pharaoh and Amalek. Protect me and save me, so that no sadness or melancholy will enter my heart at all. May no sighing or moaning weary me, and may no fear or worry affect me. May I be worthy of feeling the most powerful joy with all my heart during every single holy Shabbos, with all my soul and might. May it be a limitless joy that is the joy one truly ought to feel on the holy Shabbos, especially on this Shabbos when might and joy is awakened throughout all the worlds. May we feel it so strongly that we merit to transform this season of cold that begins right now—half of Shevat, Adar, and half of Nissan—into a season of warmth, a season of holiness and the passion of faith, the fervor of mitzvos and of joy and happiness.
51.   Please, Hashem, help us to innovate a new pathway in music, a path that has as it’s source the light of Moshiach, in the light of Shabbos Shirah. Then I will always be able to begin again, to do everything that is in consonance with Your Will wholeheartedly; I will do everything good with the most genuine warmth and excitement. Then nothing will be able to confuse me at all. Even my many sins will not be able to weaken me, G-d forbid, from continuing to serve You. Rather, I will know and see that I know nothing at all of what goes on in the world.
52.   Draw down upon me the holiness of Shabbos which transcends space. The Shabbos is the unknowing that is the culmination of knowing; it is like Shabbos Nachamu that precedes the fifteenth of Av, when all of the sins of the Jewish people are forgiven as on Yom HaKippurim. Then, too, the souls of the Jewish people are revealed as they are on the fifteenth of Shevat. It was then that Rabbi Nachman cried out loudly, "There is no such thing as despair at all!"
53.   And he said, "If a person were to know the greatness of the source of his soul, he would fly through the air in the intensity of his joy."
54.   Please, Hashem, may the true source of the soul of each and every one of us be revealed, so that we will merit dancing and rejoicing all of our days in the house of our G-d in great and endless joy. We will then be able, even now, to draw down all of the levels of consciousness and intelligence that are the building blocks of the Temple. We will draw down the soul of Moshiach into the world, so that we will merit the complete redemption speedily and in our days. Amen.
55.   I have therefore come before You, Hashem my G-d and the G-d of my ancestors, to ask You to help me in the merit of the pathway of repentance that Moshe Rabbeinu brought down into the world. Help even me, the lowest of the low, to find the pathway that is unique to me, by virtue of the power of the Tzaddik who lowers himself down to me. Particularly now, on the Shabbos when all of the waters in the world were split, and new pathways were laid down in the mighty waters, so that everyone had their own unique path to walk through. Please, my Father in heaven, nurture me so that I can return to you with renewed hope and joy, for the true Tzaddik has still not let go of me; he hints to me and helps me always to escape from my exile and truly enter into holiness and to rise higher and higher through its levels.
56.   Master of the Universe, have mercy on me and help me to attach myself to holy Tzaddikim like these always. The ways of eating in holiness will then be revealed to me, so that the all the different types of fruit that I taste on the fifteenth of Shevat will bring me to connect myself to You constantly with the utmost humility and self–effacement. Protect me and save me in Your mercy so that no type of fall will ever be able to drive me away from You and from experiencing joy in You. Then, in the merit of my constant joy in You, I will be able to escape from all my failures and be worthy of attaining all the heights and all the G-dly attainments, just like one of the great and truly holy servants of G-d. And I will merit to reveal the source of my soul in love and joy.
57.   Master of the Universe, please save us through the holiness of Shabbos, so that we will merit to receive all blessings from the source of blessing, in the merit of the Tzaddikim, Moshe the faithful shepherd, and the seven shepherds. I am unworthy to even speak their names. May all of the paths that were hidden from me be revealed, for there is no place and there is no time into which the true Tzaddikim did not lay down paths to reach You. There is no place or time where they did not lay down new and clear, wide pathways that one can transverse comfortably, securely, quickly, and joyfully. Please, Hashem reveal to me the paths that lead me to the road that ascends to Beis El, to the road that ascends to You. My Father, merciful Father, help me to cleave to You in longing and in holiness and purity. Bring us to cleave to You constantly, awake and asleep, while eating and drinking, so that all our eating and drinking will only be from the glimmering of the holy letters that animate all matter, until we strip off the leprosy of this material body, and merit to wear a holy body from Gan Eden.
58.   Please, merciful Father, have pity and compassion on me, for during these trying times my mind has become so confused by the sin of baseless hatred into which I stumbled, because of my unforgiving attitude to my brothers, friends, and my loved ones who are better than any brother or friend. Please help me to remember that every single Jew is a unique channel through which one can come to be incorporated within You eternally. That is why, with my flawed love of my fellow Jews, I have lost my way and all the pathways are hidden from me. Even those that I once knew of are lost to me now, and I was nearly lost from the world. I was nearly at death’s door because of all the conflict and baseless hatred into which I stumbled. You are full of mercy, You pity the poor, and You save the poor man from the one who is stronger than him and the destitute from his exploiter. Because of our exile and all of the confusion, my mind is not clear at all. I have fallen away from faith in the Sages and love of my fellow Jews. I did not merit to fulfill, "In all my days, I never went against my friends’ words." This is why this exile has dragged on so long, and why all my G-dly awareness has left me. I have no idea what to say, and my mind is not clear at all. I have no one beside me who knows anything at all, how to act and how to focus. I labored, and I am still like a bird left alone on the roof, and I have no idea where my help is to come from. For I am devoid of any human help, and I have no human understanding. The troubles of my heart have increased, conflict and disconnection have covered me and surrounded me from all sides. This is how all of the pathways have left me, and I cannot see the signposts that You are setting up before me all the time. Please, Hashem, have pity and mercy on me, for I have no idea what to do or how to act, or how to sound out or signal. I don’t know how to pray to rectify this awful flaw. I am confused like a drunkard, I have no idea where in the world I am, and what will become of me in the end.
59.   Master of the Universe, full of mercy, "You pity the poor, and You save the poor man from the one who is stronger than him and the destitute from his exploiter." Teach me how to speak out my innermost thoughts before You now, and how to awaken Your true mercy upon me. Save me from every type of conflict, and help me so that others will not come to fight against me either spiritually or physically, not above, and not below. Protect me and save me so that I should never challenge any proper person in the world—how much more so, that I should never harbor in my heart any argument against true Tzaddikim, especially those Tzaddikim who dwell in the dust, the holy ones who are in the earth. May I never fight with any person, but rather, may I merit to love every Jew and maintain peaceful relations with everyone. May I truly fulfill the verse, "Turn from evil and do good. Seek peace and pursue it." Then the verse will be fulfilled in me, "And Israel camped there opposite the mountain," like one man with one heart. Through this, we will merit hearing the ten commandments at every moment, and the defilement that comes from flawed faith in the Sages and baseless hatred will cease to be. The verse will be fulfilled in us, "Efrayim is joined to idols. Let him alone." Please bring us to that which the Sages said, that in the end, everyone will toss away their gods of silver and gold and merit to attain the thirteen rectifications of the beard, the Torah that is interpreted through thirteen rules. Everyone will merit the Song of Songs of Shlomo, the King to whom peace belongs. For the song at the sea made them worthy of Shabbos peace, and the Song of Songs made them worthy of the Temple. Therefore, the first letters of the words, "And Miriam answered them, 'Sing to Hashem,'" spell out, "peace." The song brought them to peace, and peace brought them to sing—to sing the song at the sea, the song of the Shabbos.
60.   Master of the Universe, make us worthy right now to sing this song, and we will merit to praise Your Name with the songs of the ancient poets. We will become a part of all the songs that were sung during all the generations, the song of Adam HaRishon, and the song of Shabbos, the song of Moshe and Israel at the sea, and the song of Israel at the well, the song of Devorah and Barak, and the song of David, the song that the Levi’im sang in the Temple, and the song that will be sung in the future in the land of Yehudah. We will become a part of the song that they sang on the night of the sanctification of the festival, of all of the songs that Shlomo HaMelech sang in the Song of Songs, and of all the new songs that the exiles will sing in the future, as it says, "Sing to Hashem a new song, for He has done wonders." Through this, we will merit the song of the Temple, the song of the resurrection, the song of the ultimate future and the world to come. We will merit the song of the future circle dance of the Tzaddikim, about whom it is said, "In the future, the Holy One will make a circle dance for the Tzaddikim, and He will sit among them in Gan Eden. Each one of them will point with their fingers, as the verse says, 'And it will be said on that day, here is our G-d in whom we hoped and He saved us. This is Hashem in whom we hoped; we will dance and rejoice in His salvation.'"

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