A Prayer written by HaRav Eliezer Berland, shlit"a, for Pesach.

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which he recommended should be learnt, in particular, on Erev Pesach. 

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1.  Master of the Universe, You revive the dead in Your great mercy. Living G-d and Eternal King, have mercy on us. Give us life and purify us from the most intense form of impurity—the impurity that comes from contact with the dead. Then we will be able to receive the holy festival of Pesach, the time of our liberation, in great holiness. Atheistic science, from which the Other Side has a foothold, will then become null and void, and we will merit believing in Your holy miracles, in the Exodus and the Splitting of the Sea. We will believe that everything is ordained by Your amazing Providence without the influence of any “natural order” and that the world is conducted in a way that reveals Your Uniqueness and absolute Unity. Then You will perform miracles for us, Hashem. Drop two tears into the great ocean and give us rest from all our hounding and persecution. We will sing a new song at our physical and spiritual deliverance, a song about Your Providence, a song about Your wonders. 
2.  Please, Hashem, You are full of compassion. You arrange events so that no Jew should be lost to You. Your thoughts and plans take every generation into account. You established Seder night and the Pesach offerings so that we should remember how we were delivered from the impurity of our own sins and how we were raised onto eagles’ wings and led by a pillar of fire and a cloud. Have mercy on us, and in the merit of the faithful shepherd Moshe and all the true Tzaddikim like him, reveal Your miracles to us. On this night that we complete Hallel twice, help us to see the wonders that You perform for us in every generation and during every moment of our lives. 
3.  Merciful G-d! You are the cause of everything and are the Master of miracles. Do wonders for us and give strength to the great Tzaddikim of even this generation to perform miracles like those that You did for us in Egypt, especially during Pesach. Give them the power to inspire us to repent as our ancestors did. Listen to our cry as You listened to the groans and cries of our ancestors in Egypt. Help us so that our crying out should also bring us to true repentance and to cleave to You. Make us worthy of seeing that there is none like You, Hashem. You inflicted ten plagues on their enemies and split the sea for them. Please free us too! Save us from our enemies and bring us out of darkness into light. For we believe with complete faith that You can do miracles for us now just as You did for our ancestors at the Exodus, in the merit of the true Tzaddikim who are like Moshe, who exist in every generation. If we could only find them and hear their voices, we would certainly be immediately saved in the most miraculous ways, for You can do anything. You perform wonders beyond human estimation, endless miracles. 
4.  Please, Hashem. You created the universe and split the water’s depths in Your great wisdom. You released us on this holy festival of Pesach from all our places of constriction with the most amazing signs and wonders, “with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm,” with a pillar of cloud by day and a column of fire by night. How great Your deeds are, Hashem! Who can recount them? How can I raise my eyes to You, Hashem, on this holy and awesome day? How can I even bear to face You, when I think of all that You’ve done for me? You brought my soul into being. You passed it through worlds upon worlds, just so that I should reach my ultimate destiny, so that I should get to see You “face to face.” This is just as You told Moshe, Your servant: that the purpose of the Exodus was so that we should receive the Torah amidst signs and wonders, thunder and lightning, “face to face.” And now, the holy Seder night is approaching. It is a time of spiritual longing and closeness to You, and I stand terrified before You. When I am faced with Your constantly renewing mercy and wonders, all my thoughts start to whirl. Perceptions are being sent down from on high to me, and with them I can attain a new and correct understanding of how to really serve You in love and fear. With this understanding, I can repair all of my sins and drive out every bit of leaven from my innermost being. I can remove it completely, for on this night one can come to repair the sin of the Tree of Knowledge completely and to rescind the decree of mortality that afflicts the world. 
5.  Master of the Universe, how can I open my mouth before You? I stand shamed before the splendor of Your holiness, for so many Seder nights have passed and gone and I haven’t experienced any spiritual elevation. So many nights during which I could have climbed so high and could have even been able to revive the dead. I beg of You, Hashem. You created this night even before the actual creation of the world, and You shower down to us on this night the dew of resurrection, the dew with which the choicest of the Patriarchs was blessed. It is the dew that all inhabitants of the earth long for. Please, Hashem, look down upon me here with mercy, on this day that can be a double salvation, on this day when You send down the dew of resurrection of the dead. 
6.  Oh Hashem! In Your wisdom, You formed the heavens and established the earth. In Your greatness, You split the water’s depths. Seraphim are Your servants and the angels fear You. How can a lowly mortal enter Seder night without pleading before You? How can I face Your splendor and Your endless loving-kindness—all that You’ve done for me since the moment You brought my soul into being? You have passed it through so many paths in order to purify it to Your service. Save me, please, merciful G-d, as I pray to You, before whom all secrets are revealed. You know everything that is in my heart. You know that I tremble and am afraid of this night. For on this night, You opened all the heavens for the Jewish people, and You blessed the choicest of the Patriarchs with the heavenly dew of resurrection. 
7.  How can I open my mouth before You? I stand here shamed before Your greatness when I think about how I’ve wasted nights that are drawn from the highest places, from the most hidden places, nights that are full of yearning for You. They are nights on which, had we only raised ourselves up, we would have already merited to see the resurrection of the dead. 
8.  Oh, Hashem, Master of mercies, single and unique One, You created this night even before the Universe came into being. Year after year, You shower down the dew of resurrection on it. Merciful G-d, look down upon me in Your pity on the day that You do wonders for Your creations, on the day that You send down dew to revive Your world. 
9.  I beg of You, my Merciful Father, draw us to You so that we will serve You with a powerful desire, with true longing. On this night, let my soul yearn to race after You, my heart and flesh will pine for You and sing to You. Every fiber of my being will rejoice on this day that You draw me out of exile. You will enclothe me in a pure body from Gan Eden, just as the faithful shepherd Moshe was enclothed in a pure body when You sent him to release Your children from bondage. And when his body returned to its original state, his heart was completely devoted to you. He was drawn after You like water until he ascended to receive the Torah, until he ascended to Your holy chambers. 
10.  I beg of You, Hashem, Lord of hosts Who does wonders and knows all, You send down the dew of resurrection on this night to atone for all of our sins and return us to Gan Eden, our source. Oh, Hashem, that we would only really pray on this night, the night when Adam HaRishon called to his children and revealed his secret to them as he trembled! It is a day on which You send down the dew of resurrection, which can cancel out the decree of death. He said, “Please, merciful and beloved children that shine like the very heavens, have mercy on me as well as yourselves. Have mercy on all the coming generations and make your prayers your sacrifices. Pour out your hearts like water before the One who dwells on high.” 
11.  Master of the Universe, Merciful G-d, hear our prayers on this night when Cain and Hevel brought their sacrifices. Cain sacrificed flax with a strange fire amidst a whirlwind. With it, he wanted to bring the Shechina down from the upper worlds and reveal it. Not so Hevel who brought his sacrifice as he prayed and wept. He poured his heart out like water and approached the foundation stone in fear and trembling, thinking maybe, just maybe, he would be able to elevate this lowly world. You accepted his sacrifice, for You love when someone gives of his essence and not that which is superficial. His heart was submissive; the meek was precious in Your eyes. He wanted to sacrifice his very soul to You, and so You opened all the heavens for him and revealed that which is precious and hidden. He saw it, his soul flew from him, and the rectification of the world was pushed off for thousands of years. And now, Merciful Father, give us a warm heart, a broken heart. Draw us after You; shelter us under Your wings. Give us the strength to serve You with complete self–sacrifice and overpowering yearning. Shine holy awareness into our minds, and open our eyes so that we will know how to conduct the Seder night with heavenly awe. Teach us how to pray and cry in double measure until we will be able to see Eliyahu the prophet with our own eyes. 
12.  You gave two sons to Yitzchak who shone like Cain and Hevel. One was a simple man who sat in the tents; his brother was a man of the field who hunted beasts and birds. Yitzchak begged You, “Merciful Father! Help me to repair the world with these two sons. One shines like the sun during the first week of Creation, and the other dwells in the lower dark places to brighten them like the moon. G-d! You know that which is hidden and revealed. You know that all I want is to rectify the world and be saved: to raise up my sons like the sun and the moon, until we bring the redemption on this night.” Yitzchak prayed so much on Seder night. He raised his voice and wept and pleaded. On Seder night, which is like the night of Yom Kippur, he wanted to repair the world with two he–goats to atone for the sins of all the generations. He wanted to build the Temple. And even Esav will become great. “Please Hashem, do wonders for Esav. Open all the heavens for him; reveal Yourself to him from the upper worlds to the lowest abyss. He will then see that You are One in the entire Universe. Shine Your countenance upon him and he won’t transgress Your Will in even the smallest detail.” 
13.  This is how Yitzchak prayed and cried. He went out to the field and poured his heart out to You. “Please, Hashem, let this time be a time of salvation. Bring us back to Gan Eden, the place from which I’ve come. Please bring the entire world to repentance, both me and my sons, Yaakov and Esav. The wicked son will repent just like the wise son; they will all return together and be saved. On this night, help me to renew my youth—me and my sons, together with the whole world. Help me to raise up my sons to the heavens and bring down an already constructed Temple from there.” Yitzchak said to Esav, “Raise up your tools,” and he showed him the utensils of the Temple. “We’ll bring down an already constructed Temple tonight. Go hunt game and make the delicacies, and on Seder night, like Yom HaKippurim, we will bring sacrifices and send out two goats. “Please, Hashem,” Yitzchak prayed, “let my intentions be acceptable to You, and let me with my sons enter into Gan Eden.” Esav went out quickly, but brought back whatever meat came to hand. He wanted to trip his father up with forbidden foods so that the blessings he was to receive would be material. 
14.  It was then a time of danger for Yaakov. We were nearly lost but You, in Your great mercy, had pity on Your firstborn son. You sent Rivka a prophecy; You shared with her Your secret. With wisdom, she advised Yaakov to go to the flock and take two goats. She meant to repair Adam HaRishon’s sin, so that everything should be atoned for. She wanted Yaakov to be blessed by the Tzaddik with the dew of the resurrection, and so the solution was found. 
15.  Your chosen son Yaakov approached trembling, to prepare the Seder night according to Your Will. Two angels stood by him on his right and on his left, for in his meekness, his heart had completely melted. “Who am I and what am I that I should be blessed by Hashem? What am I and what have I done to deserve to be blessed with dew from Hashem?” His mother encouraged him and blessed him: you will indeed merit heavenly dew, the dew of resurrection. 
16.  Yaakov then wrapped himself in Adam’s garments from Gan Eden and they perfumed the whole world. Yitzchak rejoiced that his prayers had been answered, for they indeed had entered and been received in Gan Eden. The father and his son were both sheltered in Hashem’s shadow; they even drank the four cups of the wine of Gan Eden. They ate of the manna and the wild ox just like in Gan Eden before the sin. The heavens opened, and the dew of resurrection showered down upon their heads. 
17.  Oh G-d! How can it be that we don’t feel the holiness of this awesome festival, the supernal sweetness that fills all of creation? If we only would shake and tremble over the Seder nights as we do over the night of Yom HaKippurim, the matzah would taste like manna to us, and we would taste the wine of Gan Eden in our four cups. The dew of resurrection would fall from the heavens, and we would already have been worthy of seeing the resurrection of the dead. 
18.  But Yaakov went out and Esav entered. Yitzchak then felt a great fear. “Who was it who served me? We sat together in Gan Eden. We ate of the manna and the Leviathan together. We both felt the dew of resurrection upon us.” Esav then cried a great and bitter cry, the likes of which the world had never heard. Even Mordechai’s cry couldn’t equal it—his was great and bitter, but not as bitter as Esav’s. 
19.  Please Hashem, who dwells on high, for how long have we been crying already? For countless generations and thousands of years we have been slaughtered and cruelly murdered. We were brought like sheep to the slaughter, and we still have not merited nullifying that cry. Because of it we suffer even now. When will we merit also to cry a great and bitter cry over losing Seder nights? What a loss! We are a thousand times worse than Esav because we don’t cry out over losing all that illumination. We should dash our heads against the wall for wasting such treasures, such light and such dew, for losing the opportunity to eat from the Leviathan and the wild ox, the taste of the manna and the wine of Gan Eden. 
20.  Master of the Universe, full of mercy, You know that this long exile is our fault because we haven’t stirred ourselves awake. And You try to wake us from our slumber by giving us the Seder night during which we can ascend to the world of Atzilus, the world of freedom from the angel of death and the evil inclination. If we would only wake up, we would already be found worthy of experiencing the supernal sweetness, the sweetness of the eternal redemption! How many holy and pure Seder nights and festivals have You sent us in our lives? How many times have You raised us up to the worlds above and shed Your holy light upon us? And we are like the wicked Esav who, even though his father wanted to raise him up to heaven, stubbornly went out to hunt, determined to bring back forbidden food for Yitzchak. But, what can I do Father, since I am so much worse than he was? For when Esav returned and saw all the illumination that he had lost, he cried a great and very bitter cry. And I, in my sins, have a heart that is dead within me, and I don’t shudder from my awful loss. I already lost out on wondrous Seder nights during which You raised me up to the worlds above, and I didn’t feel a thing. The wicked Esav cried a very great and bitter cry, the likes of which there never was. He was worthy of feeling how great his loss was—the illumination of Pesach that could have rectified even him. How terrible it is that I am so much worse than Esav! I have already lost the light of Pesach so many times over, and I still don’t cry out. I still don’t feel any pain. I was raised up to exalted and amazing worlds, and in my stupidity, I came back empty handed. I even missed out on the holy days of the counting of the Omer, the days that restore the lights of Pesach in an organized and deliberate way. I didn’t treat those days properly, for I missed out on learning Torah, on praying, and on the holiness of the counting until I hardly knew where I was in the world. 
21.  But Your mercies are unending, for You constantly provide new and wonderful advice on how we are to take advantage of the illumination that You send down to us at all times. Make me worthy, Merciful Father before whom there is no such thing as depression and despair, and help me. Save me so that I should always be able to make myself happy. Teach me, and give me good advice on how I should always be able to drive out all my laziness and depression—how I shouldn’t give them the opportunity to approach me at all or touch me, heaven forbid! Rather, I should force myself to always draw great joy upon myself, especially on Seder night, which is the source of all holy awareness for the entire year. I will rejoice in the great mercy and salvation that You have done for me and will do for me. For in Your great kindness, You help me anew every year on Seder night and during the holy days of Pesach. And You again send down to me all of the amazing lights stronger and stronger, year after year. I will rejoice in Your kindness that renews itself constantly, and those days and years that passed will be transformed into vessels of humility and submission. Through them in particular, I will be able to receive all of the illumination of Pesach this year with great presence of mind and happiness. All my travails will change into sweetness, and all my falls will become ascensions. All my sins will become merits, and all my lost nights of the Seder and Pesach will return to me with a renewed light, a precious light, an amazing light of humility and brokenheartedness that comes from shame and true submission. Make me worthy, in Your great mercy, to be completely filled with joy during this Pesach, so that I should be able to draw this great joy upon myself at all times. I should be worthy of making myself happy and encouraging myself with singing and dancing. The joy should reach to my very feet. I will jump and leap with all my strength, until I raise up all the spiritual aspects of the “feet” along with me. 
22.  Please, Merciful and Compassionate One, You seek the ultimate good for the world and not its destruction. You are the One who said, “My handiwork is drowning in the sea and you want to sing?” [The angels wanted to sing the praises of Hashem as Israel were crossing the sea, but Hashem would not let them because at the same time, the Egyptians were drowning.] You want that the illumination of Pesach should bring the entire world close to You, and that we should be a light to the nations. This was Yitzchak’s intention. He wanted to enlighten his sons on the night when all the lights descend so that they would become like the two great luminaries. Just as they merited receiving blessings from the highest world, from a world untouched by sin, so let us be worthy of the pure blessing of heavenly dew from the world of Atzilus
23.  Please, Hashem, bless us all, for we are all children of Your beloved Avraham, Your only Yitzchak, and Your chosen Yaakov. We all long to be released from the impure husk of Esav. We all want to drive all the leaven from our hearts and love You truly and completely without any admixture of the evil inclination, with a pure love of everlasting attachment to You that comes from the world of Atzilus, the world that admits no blemish. But this love, especially on Seder night, can only be ours through non-stop joy, song and dance. So, please Hashem, help me to feel intense joy and to sing wondrously the kind of song that, on Seder night, made You want to make King Chizkiyahu the Moshiach and bring the redemption. Help me attain this joy that is the root of the complete redemption. 
24.  Please, Master of the Universe, hear our pitiful prayer for we have no way to comprehend the wonders that we are missing out on with every passing day and hour. So many days and nights have come and gone, full of nothing but sin! Even so, You are prepared to save us right now, on this Seder night, to bring us to You directly by opening the channels that can bring us right beneath Your Throne of Glory. You are prepared to reveal Your splendor to us so that we should see that there is only You and no other. 
25.  Do it for Your sake, Hashem, and not for our own. Have mercy on us, for how can You permit Your glory to be given to others? Save us so that Your honor should not be desecrated. Reveal Yourself in all Your glory to us on this Seder night for Your Name’s sake. Shower heavenly dew down upon us as You did for Yaakov, Your chosen one. 
26.  Please, Hashem, open our ears so that we can hear these festivals calling out to us so strongly, with the ten plagues and the splitting of the sea, with the clouds of glory and cloud and pillar that surrounded us. You called them “Mikraei Kodesh” because they cry out to us that there is none but You. They call out; they send out signs and hints that, even in this generation, You are prepared to fight on our behalf and deal out harsh punishments to our oppressors. You are prepared to split all the waters and heavens for us and reveal to us that there is nothing but You, Hashem. You are willing to teach us how to serve You. And even though the angels stand in fear to serve You, You desire to hear praise from us—earthly creatures. Teach us too, Hashem, that there is none but You. We will learn humbly to rectify our passed sins and even to fix the sins of previous generations. 
27.  You renew Seder night for us every year so that we should renew our youth with weeping and supplications, so that we should enter the realm of true joy, but not with superficial and temporary enthusiasm—that “strange fire.” Teach us how to humbly repair the sin of the two who were compared with Moshe and Aharon, the sin of Nadav and Avihu, who sacrificed a strange fire. Show us that even spiritual giants erred in this. Teach us and guide us so that we should not fall into the same mistake. When You put up the Tabernacle on Rosh Chodesh Nissan, they wanted to reveal the hidden light of the first week of creation. On that day that was like the day the heavens and earth were created, they made their mistake. In their fiery devotion, they had not married, and with their fiery devotion they reached the highest heights. All the heavens opened to them; the greatest secrets were revealed to them. They entered the inner sanctum in a holy whirlwind of fire. Moshe said to their father, “they are greater than you,” but now their father’s grandson would have to repair the damage their fire caused. 
28.   Eliyahu [who was a reincarnation of Pinchas] was commanded to rectify them with the fire he would bring down from heaven with love and fear. Beforehand, though, he commanded that they dig a deep and wide trench. He did this to show us that before the fire there must be humility and broken-heartedness. He asked Elisha to pour water on his fingers, and then water began to stream from his fingers themselves, for Eliyahu’s essence was water: the water of hisbodedus, hundreds of years of groaning and crying. Day and night he poured out his heart like water before the Creator of the heavens. His heart melted like water until his own body became a torch of heaven which was formed of fire and water. Eliyahu, like Moshe, Aharon, and all the sages, knew that the water was first in the formation of heaven—that to fix the world one must start with tears and pleading. One must first melt one’s heart and subdue every limb and sinew so that there should not be a trace of arrogance or hint of ego. There must be only love and brotherhood, peace and friendship. So it was only after the water flowed from Eliyahu’s fingers that the fire descended from heaven. It filled the trench and consumed all the water, and all of Israel trembled and cried, “There is a G-d in heaven!” Eliyahu shared this secret, that water comes before fire, with us. Make me worthy of being humble like a worm in a trench, that I should pour my heart out like water before You so that You will help me reach such heights as well. 
29.  Oh You who dwells on high, You span the heavens and are surrounded by a flashing fire. Please show me the way to truly serve You, to attach myself to You and to strive constantly so that I can rectify the sins of earlier generations in which we continue to stumble. 
30.  Merciful Father, Your compassion is endless and constantly revealed. Favor us with holy understanding so that we will know how to draw down Your endless kindness, the endless mercy that doesn’t allow any sin to obstruct the way of those who return to You wholeheartedly, those who truly abandon their old ways and deeply regret the wrong they’ve done. When they recall their forbidden gazings and corrupt thoughts, their hearts just melt within them. Hashem, give us the strength to confess from the depths of our hearts until all the idol worshippers melt away and are utterly destroyed. Melt down our arrogant hearts and we will confess so much before You that all the terrifying combinations of letters that make up the harsh decrees will be annulled. We ourselves form those combinations when the letters that spell out our sins become engraved into the atmosphere of the world. These are the letters that spell out our negative and corrupt thoughts. Please, Hashem, teach us how to change all these letter combinations and transmute them from bad permutations into good ones. 
31.  Master of the Universe, please help us to be like those two out of the six hundred thousand who held onto Moshe Rabbeinu with all their strength. [One opinion in the Midrash states that only two out of every six hundred thousand people escaped from Egypt. The rest died there.]  They followed him to a dry and desolate place full of serpents and scorpions without any water, with their dough bound up in their garments upon their shoulders. Make us worthy of being like those for whom the sea split and who merited seeing You in a vision in the semblance of a warrior. This is the mystery of the golden scepter that is revealed on the first day of Pesach, which is a taste of the light of the powers that destroy the wicked. It is for this reason that Esther entered Achashverosh’s chamber on the first day of Pesach, on the same day that Moshe entered the house of Pharaoh. She then heard his amazing response, “What is your request? Let it be up to half the kingdom, and it will be granted to you.” Help us to experience this revelation, which is the mystery of the Afikoman. It is broken at the beginning of Seder night and hidden away until the end of the meal—it is hidden away until the end of days. Make us worthy of the Afikoman whose light and goodness is hidden away for the Tzaddikim in the ultimate future. 
32.  Master of the Universe, help me to experience all the hidden lights of Seder night and all the days of Pesach, including the greatest light of all, the light of the Afikoman, which is called “hidden.” It parallels the eating of the Pesach sacrifice. This is what Yitzchak answered Esav: “Your brother came deceitfully and took your blessing.” He took the Afikoman out and showed him Yaakov’s secret: that his reward is hidden away for the ultimate future, for the time of Moshiach. My Merciful Father! Let me also hear the voice of the holy Shechina. Let me also hear what she said on the eve of Pesach to Yaakov, who is the collective soul of the Jewish people. “And now, my son, listen to my voice and do what I command you.” Go and remove the evil inclination from the world. “Go to the flock and bring me two good kid goats from there.” One is to bring down the upper consciousness that incorporates the moon into the sun, the darkness into the light. The second parallels Esav whose time has come to be removed from the world through the incredible illumination that the Tzaddikim draw down. This is the mystery of the Afikoman. After it one may not eat anything else. It is an aspect of the feast of the Tzaddikim that will be in the ultimate future, after which there will be nothing but listening to the word of Hashem. 
33.  Master of the Universe, You are infinitely great and exalted. You perform endless wonders and open the gates of heaven to reveal all the secrets and hints to the Jewish people, such that even an Egyptian handmaiden who was attached to Moshe was able to see the future more clearly than the later prophets. Do a miracle for us and make a change within our hearts and minds so that we will love Your Name and serve You truly and completely. During these holy days that began to shine during Purim, You raised us up to the worlds of wonder from which You overturned the plans and thoughts of kings and ministers. Haman led Mordechai through the thoroughfares and many of the non-Jews converted. Wherever the king’s power extended, there was joy and delight for the Jews. All of this happened at the beginning of the holy days of Pesach, whose light comes from the fiftieth gate, like the gallows fifty cubits high upon which Haman was hanged, and like the fifty plagues. 
34.  Master of the Universe, You do wonders in the land through the power of Purim joy. You drive the leaven out of our hearts. Save us from chametz on Pesach, and redeem us from our enemies. This is why I have come before You: to plead with You. Please, Hashem, teach me how to win You over. Teach me how to arouse Your mercy so that You will fulfill my request. Fight my battle for me, just as You fought for Moshe and the Jewish people during Pesach, split the sea for them, and smote Pharaoh and Egypt with all the plagues in the world. And just as You fought on behalf of Mordechai and Esther and hanged Haman, please also fight for me and completely subdue all of my physical and spiritual enemies. Nullify all of my bad desires and subdue all of my despicable character traits, for they are the source of all my enemies. Teach me, on the night of the search for chametz, how to remove the leaven from myself. Show me on Seder night and during all the days of Pesach, how to remove the evil inclination from within myself forever. And just as You took the Jewish people out of Egypt with a pillar of fire, so too, convert my evil inclination into a pillar of fire that surrounds me night and day. Help me to change light that can damage like fire into light that only illuminates. 
35.  Master of the Universe, Merciful Father, just as You helped our forefathers during this time and saved Gidon from the Midianites and King Chizkiyahu—whom You wanted to make Moshiach—from Sancheriv, and just as You opened all the heavens on this night and allowed the camp of Sancheriv to hear the song of the angels so that their souls left them because of their amazing attachment to You, so too, Master of the Universe, allow us also to hear the song of the angels on this night. Raise us also on the wings of eagles and draw down all the perceptions to us, perceptions from the Ancient Hidden One, the perceptions that Moshe and Mordechai and Esther all drew down from the fiftieth gate. With them, they raised Haman up on a gallows fifty cubits high, and through the fifty, they drowned Pharaoh. You had wanted to make Sancheriv into Gog and Magog, and King Chizkiyahu into Moshiach.  You wanted to reveal all seventy facets of the Torah with which You would have removed all the wicked from the entire earth, and You would have made all the four hundred warriors of Esav and all the evildoers in every generation into straw. Save us at this time! Quickly bring us the redemption during these days of the festival of freedom, during the wondrous days of Nissan, days of miracles and redemption. 
36.  Master of the Universe, You who revive the dead in Your great mercy. Living G-d, in the merit of the four Torah portions, make us worthy to remove and completely nullify all of the chametz from our hearts. Two of them are preparations for Purim, and two of them are preparations for Pesach, and they are all incorporated within one another like Leah and Rachel. For Purim is the aspect of Leah, and Seder night is the aspect of Rachel. Purim shines into Pesach. Please, Hashem, help us to reveal all of the wondrous lights during these days of Pesach. With them, we will be able to remove the leaven from our hearts. With them, we will be able to become cleansed of the impurity that comes from contact with the dead. Help us so that the illumination of Purim will enable us to receive the festival of our freedom in great holiness and joy. This joy will then help us to avoid even the smallest bit of chametz on Pesach, that not even a trace of it will be found in all our precincts during all the days of the festival. For it is known to You, Master of the entire Universe, that it is impossible for human beings like us to completely avoid any trace of chametz on Pesach without Your help and mercy. Have mercy on us for Your Name’s sake and completely remove the leaven and chametz from our hearts, our hearts of stone. Make us worthy of a heart of flesh, of holy love, and through it, completely forgive all our sins. 
37.  Master of the Universe, You know that nothing can justify my standing before You. My whole life has gone by filled with festivals, days of Purim, Seder nights and Pesach festivals, and through them I could have become a whole person and repaired all that You had required of me. Not only did I not manage to rise to the highest heights, but in my sins I fell down and down, year after year, and I don’t know how to help myself. All good advice is hidden from me and that which isn’t, I’ve messed up with my own hands. I lost all the paths that You revealed to me, and I even broke new ground on the road toward the Other Side. I did worse than any other person in the world. Even so, I know and believe completely, that even now You are constantly opening up new paths that never before existed. These are new paths that no generation before ours knew of, and You reveal them during these days between Purim and Pesach—particularly during Pesach, when the Jewish people left Egypt and when Haman was hanged. This is the time when Rachel and Leah—the revealed and hidden worlds—are joined together. 
38.  Help us so that the hidden world in all it’s splendor should be revealed before us. All the advice that was hidden from us for over thirty–three hundred years—since the time of the Exodus—should be revealed in all its glory. “I will lead the blind in a way they knew not, in paths they did not know…I will do these things for them and I will not abandon them.” The light of the moon will then be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be sevenfold brighter, like the light of the seven days of creation. 
39.  Master of the Universe, please reveal this amazing hidden world to us right away, for on Pesach night, the hidden world shines into the revealed world. This is why even the lights of the resurrection descend on that night and why we read the Haftara of the resurrection during Pesach. Through these lights we can attain the level of the egolessness of Moshe and Aharon who took the Jewish people out of Egypt. Make us worthy of that same egolessness, all of us together, that self-effacement that empowered the Jewish people to follow Moshe into the wilderness and hear the Ten Commandments. 
40.  Master of the Universe, help us to reach the level of Moshe’s humility and egolessness. He thought that anyone would do a better job of bringing the Jewish people out of Egypt and that it would be better for Rabbi Akiva to bring down the Torah. He even humbled himself before Korach and said, “I also want you to be the Kohen Gadol.” Father, we know that this is why You chose him to bring the Jewish people out of Egypt and why only he will be able in the ultimate future to reunite every soul with its proper body, for the resurrection depends on humility. Please, Hashem, bring us to this awesome level of humility that is the dew of resurrection. 
41.  Please Hashem, You are truly compassionate. You even have pity on such fools as we are—we, who are obstinate and refuse to follow the good advice that you send us at all times. Please, Hashem, during these holy days when you open all the gates of heaven and advice, teach me Your holy ways—all the amazing advice that is both revealed and hidden within the writings of Your true Tzaddikim. Shine upon us all the spiritual advice that comes from the sefiros that Moshe drew down upon Your holy nation in the merit of their sanctification of the covenant. Had Moshe Rabbeinu not revealed them, heaven forbid, even though we are all wise, intelligent, and know the Torah, we would not have been able to make our prayers ascend to bring about the redemption. 
42.  Oh Hashem! You formed Adam to serve You and You placed him in Gan Eden to praise You. You created him so that he would attain selflessness within Your endless light. You wanted him to be worthy of the light of egolessness, the spiritual root of light, but he gazed improperly and was damaged. To repair the sin of Adam HaRishon who stumbled in the sins of idolatry, adultery, and murder, You sent Avraham whose humility rectifies idolatry. You sent Yitzchak whose self-sacrifice at the Akeida rectifies the sin of bloodshed, and You sent Yaakov who rectifies the sin of adultery through fathering the entire Jewish people. 
43.  From that time until now, we have tried to repair Adam’s fault through accessing Your endless light. Those whose spirits are lame will then rejoice and praise You, and Your endless light will shine into all the backsliding children—even into a wicked son like me! In the merit of selflessness, a hidden and powerful light will shine into even the wicked son: the light of the true Tzaddik, which is hidden in the Afikoman, which is the secret of the redemption. 
44.  Master of the Universe, full of mercy, full of hidden secrets, reveal all the amazing secrets that are hidden within this Seder night, all of the lights that You send down now for all the year. Reveal to us the secrets of each and every custom, even the secret of the silliness of stealing the Afikoman, which is the secret of the theft of Yosef. It is the secret of the true Tzaddik who is hidden in every generation, who raises up to You all the spiritual work and longing that the redemption depends on. It parallels the fifth cup, the cup of Eliyahu the prophet. Please reveal to us all the hints and secrets hidden within the laws of the festival and its customs. Reveal to us the secret of the four cups, which parallel the three Patriarchs and King David, and the four expressions of redemption. Moshe, the true Tzaddik, came and subdued Pharaoh the serpent; he can unify everyone—from the smallest to the greatest—and can even transform the serpent from an agent of destruction to a force for life. The harsh judgements hidden within the serpent can be transformed into a force for redemption, and this is the secret of splitting the Afikoman and eating it before midnight. At that time, the spirit of the Tzaddik that is hidden within the heart of each and every Jew is revealed. On that night, the wicked will have a spiritual elevation like the righteous, all the four sons together, including me! 
45.  “Our forefathers dwelled on the other side of the river.” Master of the Universe, full of mercy, just as You helped Avraham cross the river and emerge from impurity to purity without any heavenly accusation coming against him and just as You helped him to purify himself completely, so too help us also to emerge from impurity to purity on this night. Help us to become completely cleansed by eating the Afikoman before midnight, by eating the light that is hidden that becomes revealed at midnight. The northern wind that blew across the strings of King David’s harp blows then; it subdues the serpent. At midnight, all his claims are cancelled, and all his accusations are transformed into merits. I beg of You, have pity on us and transform all of our falling into rising, all of our sighing into joy. 
46.  Master of the Universe, on this night help us to hear the melodies that are drawn from Gan Eden that sing out every night at midnight. With them, Moshe and Yehoshua made the sun and the moon stand still, and they sang in their stead. 
47.  Hashem! Pesach is the first of the festivals, and it is in the first month. Save me from the hand of my brother, from Esav! For You promised that in the merit of the “first,” the one who emerged first will be subdued, and the serpent will be cut off at its source. May we be worthy that, through this, the secret of the source of life, of the resurrection, will be revealed. 
48.  Master of the Universe, Lord of joy and delight, bring me on this night of Pesach to sing the song of the ultimate future, which is above the song of the redemption from Egypt. Help me to sing new melodies like King David, who constantly composed songs and melodies that were entirely new. Through them, he merited rising to the upper worlds, and there he would sing and play music before You completely new songs, all the time. They were songs that had never been heard before, and his radiance intensified until it shone out from one end of the earth to the other. 
49.  Master of the Universe, source of all being, source of all creations, You are enclothed in every single limb and every single blade of grass. I beg of You, on this awesome and holy day, on the day that You lifted us up onto eagles’ wings and brought us to Mount Moriah, on the day that even Korach, Dasan, and Aviram also merited all of this, please have mercy on me too. Even if I am like the wicked son. 
50.  For You revealed the secret of the four sons to us: that they are like the four who entered into Paradise. Rabbi Akiva is like the wise son; Ben Azzai and Ben Zoma are like the simple son and the son that doesn’t know how to ask. And “Acher” is like the wicked son. You also revealed to us that they parallel the four rivers—Rabbi Akiva is like the Perat; Ben Azzai is like the Pishon; Ben Zoma is like the Chidekel; and “Acher” is like the Gichon. Hashem, return to us in Your great mercy and spread the wings of the keruvim over us. Raise us up once again onto the wings of eagles so that even the wicked son will be rectified. The light of the Tzaddik will also radiate from him, and the Tzaddik who can save even “Acher” will be revealed. I beg of You, even though I am worse than the wicked son is, don’t leave me! Don’t abandon me! On this night, also shine that light into me, that endless light, the light of the redemption that You revealed to the Jewish people on this day. 
51.  I know, Merciful Father, that in every generation, the souls divide into four categories just as there are four rivers that come out of Eden. The Perat is like the wise son. The Chidekel is like the simple son. The Pishon is like the son who does not know how to ask, and the Gichon is like the wicked son. 
52.  You know, my living Redeemer, that although I am in the category of the wicked son, I still have hope if I will only cry out to You. Because of this, I should be crying out to You day and night for salvation, for all of my doubts are an aspect of, “What is this labor for you?” I don’t understand what the Tzaddikim do to serve You, and all my senses fail to grasp the meaning of the harp of King David and of songs and melodies. I am so far from the mystery of eating the matzah. In its merit, all the nations of the world will repent! And You only revealed this to Israel, Your firstborn, who is the wise son of all the nations, who is like the Afikoman. So I will cry to You, my Father in Heaven, that You should bring me to repent completely. I will release all of my improper speech that was swallowed by the Other Side and rectify all of the bad I spoke about righteous and proper Jews who only mean well, who serve You night and day. I will cry to You so that You will raise me up from my falling, for I spoke ill of the simple and pure service of every faithful and Torah observant Jew. I was like Cain, the wicked son who sacrificed refuse—who found fault in everyone. He even passed a death sentence, like the brothers of Yosef in their time. The rectification for this is the Afikoman, which takes the place of the Pesach sacrifice. Likewise, it was brought from kid-goats, to atone for the kid-goats that the brothers slaughtered when they sold Yosef, an act which resulted in the Jewish people going into exile in Egypt. So I will cry to You to repent completely out of true humility and shame. And I will know that the only way I can ascend is by experiencing true shame. 
53.  Master of the Universe! You created Gan Eden for the Tzaddikim and Gehinom for the wicked, and You revealed to us in the holy Zohar that in the ultimate future, Gan Eden will spread out to encompass Gehinom too. For You want the Tzaddikim to also enlighten the wicked and bring them to repent. You want the wicked son to be incorporated within the wise son, as You hinted to us with the four species. The willow, which is the aspect of the wicked son, is bound together with the palm frond, the myrtle, and the etrog that represent the rest of the righteous Jewish people. Please, Father, make me worthy to also be incorporated within the wise son, to join together with the Tzaddikim who do Your will. Help me to attach myself to them in such a way that my will is completely nullified, until I merit to be encompassed in Your Will completely. 
54.  Master of the Universe! Help me to rectify all the four sons like Eliyahu the prophet did with Yehoshafat, Achav, Yonah, and Elisha. Yehoshafat is the aspect of the simple son, for he repented completely and returned the kingdom to the family of Yehuda, to its holy origin. Achav is the wicked son who repented and accepted forty lashes from Yehoshafat king of Yehuda every day and then learned Torah until he died. Yonah is the son whom Eliyahu brought back from the dead, the one who doesn’t know how to ask, who fled and didn’t want to know anything. Elisha is the wise son who merited attaining a double portion, crowning Yehu king, returning the kingdom of Yisrael to its holy origin, and nullifying the impure husk of Jezebel. Help me also, Father, on this night, to attain the aspect of the four sons in holiness and to incorporate the wicked son within the wise son. Then the great wilderness—the place of snakes, serpents, scorpions, and thirst—will be transformed into a flowering garden. The rivers will burst forth in the wilderness, and there will be no wild beasts there and the redeemed will return in joy to Zion. 
55.  I beg of You, Merciful Father, help me to be like Moshe for whom all the great and terrible wilderness was transformed into a civilized and flowering habitation. Make us worthy too, in the merit of Pesach, of this flowering and blossoming. The river Dinur will then be transformed into the Yarden, and the fire of harsh judgements will be transformed into the holy fire of exalted attachment to You. The four levels of the Other Side—the snake, serpent, scorpion, and thirst—which parallel the four worlds in klippah, will return to their source in the four worlds of holiness. And the unholy thirst in the world of Asiyah will change into holy thirst and longing. Do it for the sake of the Exodus, which was brought about through the merit of the forefathers and mothers. In the merit of the righteous women, our ancestors were redeemed from Egypt. And in the merit of the righteous women, we will be redeemed in the future. 
56.  Master of the Universe, You do endless wonders. Please have mercy on us and redeem us now, just as You have redeemed us on this night before. Bring us to everlasting freedom and redeem us from the four evil kingdoms that surround us on all sides. They are the meaning behind the four wild beasts that Daniel saw in his vision—the lion, the bear, the leopard, and the terrifying beast. They parallel the four letters of the holy Name expressed in the sefirah of Malchus, “Adon-ai,” that parallel the four worlds. And the terrifying beast is like the letter yud that laments in the world of Asiyah. It is the kingdom of Edom that brought about the destruction of the second Temple, when we fell to Asiyah and even lower than Asiyah
57.  Father, Merciful Father, please have pity on us, for since then, things have only got worse and worse. How many dozens of Seder nights have passed us by when we could have been saved? And instead of us “leaping over the mountains,” the accursed serpent has leaped after us in so many ways each and every year. Even on Seder night, he doesn’t leave us be! I beg of You, Merciful Father, we are waiting for a Pesach miracle, for the miracle of the redemption, for the miracle of the splitting of the sea. Just as You revealed to us in Your holy Zohar that it is that very serpent that hounds us constantly that actually hastens the redemption, please, Hashem, have pity on us and save us from him so that we can be purified from his defilement forever. 
58.  Master of the Universe, open our sealed hearts so that we can experience the love with which King David loved You. With it he learned [Torah] day and night with songs and melodies. Please allow us to feel this love so that our hearts will become inflamed as we learn, so that even many waters [false loves and fears] will not be able to quench it. This love will make all the sacrifices and the blood of the holy martyrs that has been shed for more than thirty-three hundred years to be accepted before You. May the blood of all those who died to sanctify Your Name, especially those who were killed on Pesach night, be acceptable sacrifices before You. May no more Jewish blood be spilled! Have pity on us and prevent any more bloodshed, for we cannot tolerate any more. Jewish blood is being spilled in the streets even now, so please, quickly cancel the spilling of the blood of Your servants. 
59.  Please, Hashem, help me to feel how my own blood is spilled within me from all of my pain and shame, from all of my true regret that I should merit feeling on this night. And may this holy love atone for all of my sins and for all of the sins of the Jewish people so that we will be truly and completely forgiven. 
60.  Master of the Universe, during these days of Pesach which are also days of counting the Omer, bring us to feel true love for our fellow Jews, for all the secrets of the Torah become revealed by being self-sacrificing in that love. Please help me to be like Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and his students who loved each other absolutely. It was in the merit of that love that You revealed all the secrets of the Torah to them, secrets that since the time of the giving of the Second Tablets had not been revealed in any generation. Make us worthy of such love and such secrets so that we will merit living long lives and so that we will gain an understanding of the root of our souls and what we came to this world to rectify. Then all of us will know how to leave Egypt and merit to be like Avraham, Yaakov, Moshe, Shmuel, and the rest of the Tzaddikim. For You know that, as soon as the love is damaged, the roots above are also damaged. Then it is impossible to draw down the spiritual advice and teachings that suit the root of our souls. This is why You commanded us to eat the Pesach sacrifice in groups, in one house. For, in truth, all the Jewish people should be a single entity and dwell in one house. Please bring us to the incredible peace of the ultimate future, when the “wolf will dwell with the lamb…for the earth will be full of knowledge of Hashem like the water covers the bottom of the sea.” 
61.  Master of the Universe! Help me to experience the light of tefillin that is revealed on Pesach, for there is nothing that is beyond You. Make me worthy of the shining light of tefillin, the pure light that existed before the sin, for on this night You want to restore all the lights that were taken from us. Do wonders for me and act mercifully with me. Raise my downtrodden spirit and make me very happy so that I should experience all of these lights. With them, I will always be happy. Please restore to me the lights of the tefillin that were hidden, whether it was before or after the sin. That way I will not be false, like Cain who did not repent completely—like an irreligious person. Rather, I will merit to be like Adam HaRishon to whom You restored all the lights of tefillin when he sacrificed the bull that had a single horn in its forehead. I will be like Noach who cried from the depths of his heart after the flood and to whom You showed the vision of the rainbow that is the light of tefillin. Make me worthy, too, on this night of the Exodus—the night when we were given the commandment of tefillin—to see all the lights that become revealed, the lights that are included in the light of tefillin.
62.  Master of the Universe, full of mercy, who can give me a mouth to speak before You now? From where will I get the strength to pour my heart out like water and lament over my many losses? For You want to rectify us completely on this night, and I must beg and cry to You to attain this good that You want to grant me. When Adam sinned, he damaged the pure light, the light of tefillin, the light of chashmal. It was then up to Cain and Hevel to repair it and restore it. But not only did they not repair it, but they damaged it further. Hevel was murdered and Cain was doomed to wander. And when it came time for Yaakov to rectify their sin, You gave him a child, Dan, who gathers up after all the camps to repair the decree of wandering and destroy Esav the wicked son. His son Chushim came and cut off the head of the cruel one. But because of the sin of the idol of Michah, the damage is still there and awaits its rectification. From then until now, we wander the world as a driven leaf. We have not yet managed to release all of the lost speech from the Other Side and transform it into words of song and praise for the sake of Your Name and glory. 
63.  Please, Merciful and Compassionate One, help me to completely repair all of my damaged speech. Grant me wisdom so that I will know how to speak and when to remain silent. And the secret of speech and silence is only attained through self-nullification to Your endless light, the hidden light after which one tastes nothing, after which one needs no words of explanation or reason. It parallels the Pesach sacrifice, for a person must burn out all of the evil in his entire body to nullify the decree of wandering exile. Then he can merit being the one who gathers everyone up, who brings the entire world to repentance. 
64.  Master of the Universe! You know that it is beyond me to rectify any blemish—not my own, not anyone else’s, and certainly not of previous generations. But, even so, You reveal to us all of the amazing lights on Pesach night. And if we will only merit to draw them down with love, a pure will, and true attachment to You, then even simple people like us can do all of the repairs through our very simplicity. We can repair the sins of all the generations, and even those of Adam, Cain, and Hevel—just as You revealed to us through Your true Tzaddikim
65.  For Adam HaRishon damaged the lights, and Moshe could only repair them up until a point. When all of the Jewish people will repent completely, they will draw down all of these lights once again. They will remove all doubts and questions from their hearts, the doubts that are incorporated in the questions of the four sons. The Torah’s answer to the wicked son is, “it is the Pesach sacrifice to Hashem”—for only true self-sacrifice allows a person to skip over all his doubts and understand all the secrets. When he does, he can restore all of the lights and repair all of the holy Names. Even the damage that Cain made can be repaired through crying out to You, for once the holy Names are repaired, we can draw from the song and praise of redemption and salvation. 
66.  Master of the Universe! You commanded us to finish Hallel twice on this night to rectify the sin of Adam HaRishon. His error in praising You led him to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, and that is why the main repair is achieved through praise and song. 
67.  Oh that we could be like King David Your servant and stand before Your Throne of Glory to sing together with all the angels day and night! Help us, Hashem, to sing the songs of King David before You and we will, like him, merit to wear a crown of splendor that shines from one end of the earth to the other. Show us wonders similar to when You took us out of Egypt, for so many wonders will be revealed on this night. Jerusalem will be eternally redeemed, the Jewish people will dwell alone and secure, and the arid wilderness will blossom. And in the merit of the Pesach sacrifices and the other sacrifices, the blind and lame will be healed. And on this night, the light of the seven days of creation will shine, and the light of the moon will be like the light of the sun. And You will be our Eternal Light. 
68.  Master of the Universe, light of all lights, shining light, on this night when all the storehouses of heavenly dew are opened and when all the angels sing, when we were raised onto eagles’ wings and brought to Mount Moriah, the night when all the natural order was overturned and You performed the greatest of wonders, make us worthy of experiencing the revelation of Moshe again, who overturned the natural order and nullified the defilement of the serpent completely. On this night, an illumination descended from the Tree of Life that parallels Moshe Rabbeinu, an illumination that raises up all the worlds to the fiftieth gate, which is the source of the forty-nine gates that are revealed on Seder night. 
69.  Hashem, full of mercy and compassion, help me to fulfill all of the mitzvos of this night with great joy until I merit to experience the light of Moshiach who is the fiftieth gate. It is an amazing attachment to You and self-nullification in Your endless light, which is even greater than prophecy. Make us worthy through receiving all the perceptions on Seder night and the forty-nine days of counting the Omer to receive the illumination of prophecy from the forty-eight prophets and Moshe Rabbeinu. Then we will be able to enter the fiftieth gate, the gate of the hidden Torah, the Torah of Moshiach. Then the great serpent will be transformed into the Leviathan, the four rivers will be incorporated into the single river that flowed out of Eden, and the four cups we drink on Seder night will change the wine that Chava gave Adam into the wine of Gan Eden. The ten sefiros of impurity will then be transformed into the ten crowns of holiness and through the great light that descends on Seder night, we will merit to see You directly. We will cry out with all our strength, “With great fear—this is the revelation of the Shechina!” All the harsh judgements will change into joy and laughter and eternal attachment to You. They will change into kindnesses and we will merge with You until we lose all personal consciousness. The bitter herbs will be so sweet and all the hard labor will be changed to mercy. 
70.  Master of the Universe! Reveal Your hidden goodness to us; with its lights You took us out of Egypt and led us into the arid wilderness after our faithful shepherd. Reveal the hidden lights to us and send wonders and miracles down to us from the fiftieth gate. Remember the love of our youth, that we followed You into an uncultivated land. 
71.  I beg of You, send us Your righteous Moshiach now! He bears the soul of Moshe Rabbeinu and he will reveal the holy Shechina to us in all her glory. He will gather us in from all of our exiles and bring us to Jerusalem our holy city with miracles the likes of which have never been seen. He will open the sources of wisdom from the fiftieth gate for us and help us to hear the songs of the angels. Then Your Will that cannot be understood by the mind of man will be revealed. 
72.  Please, Hashem, help us to merge with Your hidden Will this very year. Help us to yearn for You endlessly. Bring us, this very year, to a Jerusalem built of precious stones and pearls. Then we will eat from the Pesach sacrifice and the other sacrifices in a heavenly Temple of fire. 

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