The certificate for the "Boneh Yerushalayim"

The certificate for the "Parnas Yom"
Both certificates measure 50*70 cm’s. They were painted by Rabbi Eliahu Succot,
and are sent, with the participants’ names engraved upon them, to all who join 
the respective programs.

The Amazing “Segulah

   One of the yeshiva’s fund raising programs has become widely known as an amazing “segulah” that has resulted in salvation for thousands of people. Stories have been told of sick people who have been miraculously healed, those who had been unable to have children have conceived, Jews have been brought back to Torah observance, and many other wonders and miracles. That which began as a routine fundraising program took only a short while to make itself known as a special gift from heaven and one of the means of salvation that the Creator has granted to the sick and unfortunate in these dark days.
   Approximately ten years ago, the yeshiva began to create a way for friends of the yeshiva to earn a portion of the spiritual merit accrued in either a part of the Beis Midrash of the yeshiva or during a particular day. At the same time, a group of the yeshiva’s students undertook to pray for donors at the Western Wall. The program soon became well-known, and people began contacting the yeshiva telling of supernatural successes and extraordinary acts of salvation that had come about in the wake of their joining the donation program. The number of people who attribute miracles to their participation in the program has reached the thousands and and continues to grow. It appears as though the merit of Yerushalayim, the Western Wall, and the prayers of the yeshiva students together with Rabbi Eliezer Berland, work together to pierce the heavens and arouse G–d’s mercy.
   In light of the program’s helpfulness and importance, the yeshiva’s administration has reconfigured the program so that it can be joined by anyone. Right now, the yeshiva offers donors three different possibilities:

  Parnas Yom—The donor supports a day of the institutions’ activities and earns the merit of all that day’s learning and prayers. 

  Boneh Yerushalayim—The donor acquires a part of the Beis Midrash in the yeshiva of the size of one square cubit and earns the particular merit of all the mitzvahs, prayers and learning that occur in that area. 

  Kesser Yisrael—The donor acquires a stone in the synagogue that is being built in the Old City. 

   Those who are interested may contact the yeshiva by telephone Jerusalem (02) 628 2885 or email, and have a representative visit their home to share further details and information about the programs. (Representatives are available both in Israel and America.)

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