A Prayer written by HaRav Eliezer Berland for the Molad of Chodesh Adar

    Master of the Universe for whom all is possible, at the time of the molad of Chodesh Adar, which will be on Sunday [26th February, 2017] at 5:59 and 9 chalakim in the morning, then are opened all the Gates of Shachak [one of the heavens which provides the manna to the tzaddikim], and all the Gates of Heaven, which is the secret of Chodesh Adar, which name has the initial letters 'רישא דלא אתידע', [Reisha Delo Isyadah means literally “The Head That is Not Known.” This is the head of the parztuf of Atik, the very highest partzuf, which ascends up and out of the realm of Atzilus. Because this head is not garbed within the lower worlds, however, its exact composition cannot be known with certainty. This explanation taken from A Simple Jew blogspot], which is the secret of 'נקרת הצור' [Nikreis HaTzur - the Cleft of the Crag, Shemos 33:22]. This is achieved through entering, during Chodesh Teves to the chamber 'נקרת הצור', which is the secret of 'הנה מקום אתי' [Behold, there is a place by me...Shemos 33:21], 'אתי' equals 411 =Teves, which is the secret of "מלבנון כלה אתי" [With Me will you be exiled from the Temple, O bride...Song of Songs 4:8] which equals 411 (which is–מלבנון תבואי תשירי מראש אמנה מראש שניר וחרמון ממענות אריות מהררי נמרים) [...from the Temple until you return; then to contemplate the fruits of your faith, from the summits of Snir and Hermon, which are like the dens of lions and the mountains of leopards].
    Esther is the one who conquers all the klippot [impure husks] of the אריות ונמים דובים וחיה אימתני [lions and tigers, bears and terrifying beasts. אימתני - Daniel 7:7], initial letters - אדנ-י - the 10 commandments. Then "ונסו הצללים" [...the shadows flee, Song of Songs 2:17] which is the secret of "סר צלם מעליהם וה׳ אתנו אל תיראם" [Their protection has departed from them; Hashem is with us. Do not fear them! Bamidbar 14:9]. 

    It was in the month of Adar that Queen Esther conquered all the klippot, which is the secret of the 75,000 killed [in the provinces], the 500 killed [in the fortress at Shushan], and another 300 killed in Shushan itself. Thus, those killed altogether in Shushan come to 800, which is gematria 'קרית מלך' [The King's City, Tehillim 48:3], whereas The Great King's City, 'קרית מלך רב' gematria 1002, which is Jerusalem, merited to bring down the two holy souls, משיחא בן יוסף [Moshiach ben Yosef] which is gematria 567, and משיחא בן דויד [Moshiach ben David] gematria 435, the two Moshiach gematrias added together are 435 plus 567 = 1002.

    It was in the month of Teves, which is the secret of 'נקרת הצור' [Nikreis HaTzur[, that Esther entered the palace of Achashveirosh, which is the aspect of 'המגיד מראשית אחרית' [From the beginning I foretell the outcome, Isaiah 46:10] (לקוטי לוי יצחק). All the secrets of the Torah are revealed in the month of Adar, which is the initial letters 'ראש דברך אמת' [Your very first utterance is truth, Tehillim 119:116] which is when the complete truth is revealed. The ultimate fear is: in order that 'תהיה יראתו על פניכם לבלתי תחטאו' [His fear will be before your faces in that you should not sin, Shemos 20:17]. On the first of Adar Moshe was supposed to give over the 10 Commandments to Israel, with thunder and lightening and a flaming fire (Chidushei HaRim, Chukas). Adar is the initial letters 'ראש דברך אמת', also 'רישא דלא אתידע'. Then all the 'גונין עילאין' [higher Colours] are revealed, the secret of "Mordechai left the king's presence clad in royal apparel of turquoise and white with a large gold crown," which is the secret of power and gold which was carried down from Adam Kadmon. The crown of Adam Kadmon is revealed in Adar, which is the secret of ״ואברהם זקן בא בימים״, [And Avraham was old and well stricken with age...Bereishis 24:1], initial letters 'זבוב' [Baal-zevuv is the name of an idolatry, zevuv is a fly], because he merited to achieve the secret of 'זקן' [old], which is the crown of Adam Kadmon which shines in Chodesh Adar, and through this he was worthy of extracting Rivka from the house of Lavan, of Amalek. ״ולבן תקע את אחיב בהר הגלעד״ [...and Lavan encamped with his confederates on the mountain of Gilad, Bereishis 31:25], his 'confederates' refers to Eisav, Eliphaz and Amalek. Lavan had always prayed that Amalek would be descended from Rivka, which would enable him to keep a better hold on her. "And the children struggled together within her," this was in order to purify her from the impure husk of Amalek which had a hold on Eisav. Hashem wanted to purify her from this terrifying evil klippah through "And the children struggled together within her," which would prevent anything [evil] attracting itself to her through Eisav, and she would be worthy of giving birth to twelve pure and holy tribes like the sons of Yaakov: but because she complained "למה זה אנכי" [Why am I going through this suffering?–Bereishis 25:22] she lost out on the privilege of being the mother of the 12 tribes; 'זה' is gematria 12.

    Every month of Adar the 12 sons of Haman are hanged afresh, through the rising up to the 50th level, the secret of 'רישא דלא אתידע'. Haman was already hanged on the first day of the Counting of the Omer, which is the day that Chizkiyahu conquered Sancheriv, through his sticking the sword in the ground of the Beis HaMidrash [Sanhedrin 94]. This is the secret of 'קוץ הישר', for the first set of Tablets were the aspect of 'ק' and the second 'ץ הישר', through which they merited to the letter 'ט' which is the secret of the Resurrection of the Dead, may it come speedily and in our days, Amen נצח סלה ועד.

On the first of Adar is revealed the secret of the Leviatan, 'הירבה אליך תחנונים אם ידבר אליך רכות', [Will he beset you with entreaties, or speak ingratiatingly to you? Job 40:27]. On the first of Adar are opened all the Gates of Entreaty which are brought down from Atika Kadisha, from the place of Adam Kadmon, which is where all the Gates of Entreaty are located. Because, between the first and seventh of Adar Moshe Rabbeinu broke through all the Gates and all the Coverings: there did not remain one Gate which he didn't open, not one Covering that he didn't demolish, and thereby were established all the reincarnations that he would have to undergo until the coming of the Moshiach, which is the aspect of  "ויתעבר ה׳ בי למענכם" [Hashem became angry with me because of you. Deuteronomy 3:26].

    And that was when the gilgul [reincarnation] of Moshe to Mordechai the Tzaddik was established, the secret of 'מר דרור', since he had never been damaged in any way, "ולא קם ולא זע" [...and he did not stand and he did not stir...Esther 5:9]. Because "ראשית גוים עמלק" [Amalek is the first among nations, {but it's end will be eternal destruction} – Bamidbar 24:20], and only one who is himself this aspect of 'ראשית' can conquer Amalek, who is referred to as 'זרזיר ועורב' [starling and raven], which is the secret of 'זר-זר-רע בו' which is the secret of 'רהב רהב רע בו'.     

    The world was created on the 25th Adar, and on the 1st Nisan '10 things were created...' [Masechet Avos 5:5], for immediately at the Molad of 1st Nisan, at 07:43 and 10 chalakim a new illumination was drawn down, unique since the Creation of the World, and it was by virtue of this illumination were hung Haman and his 10 sons on the 14th Adar. It was due to this illumination of the Creation of the World that the illumination of 'ראשית גויים' [The first among the nations] was invalidated, because in the merit of 'ראשון' was cancelled out the illumination of "ויצא הראשון" [Bereishis 25:25]. Because the system of the world was changed, and on the 1st Nisan, with the 'העמדת האבנים' [The placing of the stones] the world was settled back in it's place and returned to it's proper, original state even previous to "ויצא הראשון". Because everyone who gets drunk on Purim is saved from finding himself with chometz on Pesach: according to the amount of simcha one has on Purim one is saved from chometz and also from his yetzer hara. Because on Purim we reach the level of 'רישא דלא אתידע', the 50th Gate, which is why they had to make 50 Hooks 'קרסים' for the Curtains of the Mishkan 'יריעות האהל', which correspond to the 50 Gates of Understanding, and 48 Hooks corresponding to the 48 Cities of Refuge. Because the moment that one enters the Mishkan erected by Moshe Rabbeinu he is forgiven all his sins, which is the secret of the month of Adar being a preparation for the month of Nisan, when all of one's sins are forgiven. Because now, all beginnings start in Adar, from Purim, [as explained by Rebbe Nachman]. This is why the most important days are from the 1st till the 7th of Adar, which is when Moshe Rabbeinu prayed for all the subsequent generations, also regarding Sisera, Chanukah, Purim, Moshiach and the Resurrection of the Dead.  Because the secret of Purim is the secret of 'עצם לוז' which is the secret of 'ה׳ נראה אלי בלוז בארץ כנען' [And Yaakov said to Yosef: Hashem appeared to me at Luz in the land of Canaan. Bereishis 48:3]. This is why Yosef sent Aged Wine to his father, which settles the mind of elderly people, which is the aspect of the wine drunk on Purim, the secret of the 4 Cups, the secret of the Preserved Wine. All the gold in the world is extended from the Golden Sceptre, because all the gold in the world is only befitting to Israel, 'הוא הסובב את כל ארץ החוילה אשר שם הזהב ואבן הבדלח' [Bereishis 2:11]. The Cohen Gadol first wore the Choshen with the 12 precious gems on the 1st Nisan, 'אדם פטדה ברקת נפך ספיר יהלם לשם שבו אחלמה תרשיש שהם ישפה' which correspond to 'משה' which is the letters of 'שהם' which correspond to Yosef, which is the secret of 'ויקח משה את עצמות יוסף עמו'. And 'ישפה' corresponds to Binyamin which is where all the 'גונים' [Shades/Colours] are located in the aspect of 'לשונות של ארגמן' [Skins of Red Purple–Shemos 25:4], which are 'העשיריים' which include all the Colours/Shades which are revealed in Adar, the illumination of 'רישא דלא אתידע', the secret of 'היובל הגדול' [The Great Yovel–some say this refers to the 48th Yovel] which is when the slaves return to their homes and fields to their original owners and the whole of creation returns to it's original, perfect roots, as it existed before the Creation.


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