HaRav Eliahu Mirav

 Rav Chagai Veg

A Letter from HaRav Eliezer Berland, shlit"a, Rosh Yeshiva. 

       To all our friends and supporters of the Yeshiva all over the world.
    Since the establishment of the Shuvu Bonim Yeshiva, over twenty branches of the Yeshiva have been founded.  HaRav Eliahu Mirav stands at the head of all the Yeshiva’s organizations, to develop, increase, and strengthen them.  These institutions are comprised of kindergartens (2 years and up), six classes of Talmud Torah (ages 6-11), a Yeshiva Katana (ages 12-17), and 6 Kollels for married men in 10 different branches.  These include a Kollel for learning b’iyun, in depth, with the commentaries of the Rishonim and Achronim; a Kollel for learning all of Shas, page by page, b’kius and b’iyun; and a Kollel for smicha certification, learning Yoreh Deah in order to become a qualified Rabbi (ages 17-50+).
    HaRav Eliahu Mirav is the driving force behind all these institutions, dedicated to promoting and advancing them.  He and his financial director HaRav Chagai Vegg  work day and night in order to put forth the massive effort required for the development of the Yeshiva’s institutions: acquiring land, building buildings, and providing salaries for hundreds of workers: managers, rabbis, teachers, and others.
    Their responsibility is to direct hundreds, and quickly turning into thousands, of projects regarding the management of the Shuvu Bonim Yeshiva and its rapidly developing institutions. The whole purpose of the Yeshiva and its institutions is to increase Torah and to strengthen the influence of Torah in the world, l’shem shamaim, and to produce upright and loyal descendants, adhering to the path of our holy ancestors. 
    And as Rabbenu, the holy and awesome Rabbi Nachman ben Simcha ben Faige of Breslov said, "I am taking you on an old path, which is, in fact, a completely new path," for in order to maintain the path of Torah and yirah--fear of heaven--in the tradition of our ancestors, an infinite number of new strategies and original ideas are constantly needed. According Rabbi Nachman, these new strategies and ideas are continuously rising up from the sefirah--the Divine emanation--of binah, which is the aspect of Divine Understanding, which Rabbi Nachman achieved, and which enabled him to reach a level of being able to understand "one thing from another."  This is how the hidden light of the upper worlds is brought down to the "the heel," [the generations on the lowest spiritual levels] which is the secret of the revealing of Eliahu the Prophet. This is hinted at in the verse (Bereishis 49:19), "Gad will provide a regiment, and it will return upon it’s heel," [i.e. it will return on the same paths by which it traveled out--Rashi.]  Gad merited to this through Eliahu the Prophet, who was his descendant, who drew down the light to "the heel" [the generations which are known as the "heel of Moshiach," which directly precede the coming of the Redeemer.]  This is the secret of the Redemption, as it is said, "And on that day, the feet of Moshiach will stand on the Mount of Olives."

[HaRav Eliahu Mirav is now residing in New York and can be reached via the following telephone number: 718-438 2395.]

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