A Prayer written by the Rav for the Yartzeit of Rebbe Levi Itzchok Schneerson זצוק״ל, the father of the final Admor of Chabad, כ״ אב תש״ד.

   Master of the Universe, please have mercy on us in the merit of the yartzeit of Rebbe Levi Itzchok זצוק״ל, the father of the final Admor of Chabad, who achieved the complete unification of the Sefirah Yesod B'Yesod, since he was one of the souls that separated from Adam HaRishon before the sin, to whom was revealed all the secrets of the Creation, of the Fiftieth Gate: secrets that were revealed to no man other than Moshe Rabbeinu.
   He also had revealed to him the secrets of the drowning of Sisera and all his chariots in the Nachal Kedumim, Nachal Kishon, "כי כל הטובל בקישון מתגלין כל סודות התורה משער החמשים." Which is the secret of Nachal Kishon, which draws from Nachal Kedumim. Nachal Kishon is drawn down from Adam Kadmon of Adam Kadmon.
   This is the extraordinarily high levels that the Ga'on, the Tzaddik Rebbe Levi Itzchok זצוק״ל was able to reach through the intensity of his prayers. All the Levels of Wisdom of Chachmah were revealed to him: levels that were not even revealed to Adam HaRishon and Metushelach, (who lived respectively 930 and 969 years), and not even to Daniel, איש חמודות, for whom 1464 lions licked the soles of his feet, who was able to ride and even gallop upon them. Who knew how to translate and explain the phrase "מנא מנא תקל ופרסין," which contained all the secrets right up until the final generation.
   Rebbe Levi Itzchok זצוק״ל rose higher than everyone, as it is written, "ואת עלית על כלנה."
   For Rebbe Levi Itzchok זצוק״ל had the ability to sweeten all the harsh judgements that had ever been decreed, which is why he willingly took upon himself such suffering, thereby sweetening all the harsh judgements that would be decreed right up until the final generation. For the harsh judgements that cause each and every evil decree can be sweetened [by suffering], which is why he died in Alma Ata, in order to sweeten the evil decrees against Am Yisroel.
   Similarly, Yehoshua ben Nun was able to cancel all the harsh judgements.
   And this is why the Walled Cities read on the 15th, at the time when the moon is full, which is why he died on the 20th Av, which is ten days before Moshe Rabbeinu entered "לנקרת הצור" which is where is hidden 'the Light of the Seven Days.' And is is impossible to enter "לנקרת הצור" other than by annihilating one's physical body completely, as it says in Masechet Megillah 19:, R. Chiya bar Abba said in the name of R. Yochanan: Had an opening the size of the eye of a needle existed in the cave where Moshe Rabbeinu and Elijah stood, [when the Divine Presence passed before them], they would not have been able to stand there because of the brilliant light, as it says, "For no man shall see Me and live."
   This is the ultimate and incredibly high level that Rebbe Levi Itzchok זצוק״ל succeeded in achieving!


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