Jerusalem is recognized world-wide as a center of spirituality. For more than 2000 years, people have flocked to Jerusalem's Western Wall (known as "The Kotel") to seek salvation in times of crisis, and give thanks at times of joy. The Kotel is a place where people feel they can connect both to Hashem and to their innermost selves.
      The Kotel is the only remaining wall of The Holy Temple built by King Solomon.  It is a section of the outside wall that surrounded the Temple Mount. It is well know that during the time of the Temple, many miracles used to occur there every single day. Even though the Temple itself was destroyed, the Western Wall has remained standing, and has witnessed the rise and fall of great empires and civilizations from antiquity until the present day.
      The Torah teaches that this holy site is the actual gateway to Heaven. It is the conduit through which all the prayers of the world ascend. No matter what problems or challenges a person faces in life--be they financial, personal, health-related, or spiritual--there is no better place in the world to pray for and achieve salvation than at Jerusalem's Western Wall. Jews throughout history longed for a chance to pray at Heaven's gate, but not always is one able to make this desire a reality. 
    You can now access the power of the Western Wall almost instantly, from anywhere in the world. Yeshivat Nechamat Zion has begun a program to allow anyone in need to have a prayer said for him at the Western Wall. A group of the Yeshiva's students have taken upon themselves to participate in this program of praying for the needs of the Jewish People at large, and also for specific individuals, on a daily basis. Anyone who would like to have someone go to the Western Wall and pray a special prayer on his behalf, can now also write in, and have someone sent directly to the Western Wall that very day to pray for him!
    Just email us your and your mother's name, (in Hebrew, if known,) and/or the names of your family, and the text of the prayer that you would like to have said. You may submit as many names and as many prayers as you wish. The prayers will be offered immediately upon receiving your e-mail, and confirmation that the prayer has been said will be sent via e-mail.
    (We have been asked by one the students of the Yeshiva to mention that he is offering a separate service where he will doven for you at the Kotel for 40 days straight. This is a very well known 'segula' and has brought tremendous salvation to many people. Obviously, this involves a great deal of self-sacrifice on his part, to take upon himself to go the Kotel every single day for 40 days, and so he makes a small charge for this service, a one-time fee of $80 (for one or two names). If you would like him to pray for you, please email us here with all the names and requests.)
    We at Yeshivat Nechamat Zion are grateful and proud to be able to join with you and serve as your voice at the Western Wall whenever you need us.

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