Chanuka Songs

For anyone who might be interested we present here a few of the songs that we in the Yeshiva sing after lighting the Chanuka candles. They were recorded by our friend and fellow student at the Yeshiva, Avraham Bourstein. They are all the traditional Breslov or Chassidic melodies.

Since the CD was recorded for 'public consumption' it is somewhat 'toned-down.' One might even say 'laid-back!' At home the kids tend to sing the songs at twice the tempo, with a lot more fire, thumping on the table, screaming out the words, etc., but if you would just like to hear the tunes, or even to sing along, this will do just fine.

 In order to save server space and also to make the songs available as 'streaming media' we have used the Real Media (.rm) format, fondly nicknamed 'telephone quality!' You will need Real Player, available for free, to listen. The songs should start playing when you click on them.

We have posted a scan of the words of each of the songs, or you can find them all in the siddur. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.


We start off with the Brachos.        Followed by HaNeros Halalu.   

We then sing  Ma'oz Tzur.            Immediately followed by  Mizmor Shir Chanukas HaBeis  and  Lamnatzeach Binginos Mizmor Shir.          And finally  Ana B'Koach  and  Rananu Tzaddikim.                      Enjoy!!!


Here's an added extra. My wife managed to wangle us an invitation to the Rav's home for the night of the lighting of the third candle, in honor of my son's bar-mitzvah. Here is a recording of the Rav lighting the candles, and singing HeNeros Halalu, recorded from 'under the table,' accompanied by a couple of grand-children, my family, an incredible amount of 'noises off,' terrible audio interference etc. etc. And as before, Ma'oz Tzur, Mizmor Shir Chanukas HaBeis, Lamnatzeach Binginos Mizmor Shir, Ana B'Koach and Rananu Tzaddikim. If you would prefer to download the whole lot as an MP3 file, (about 30MB), then Right Click here, and then Left Click on "Save Target (Link) As..." The download also includes the 15 minutes of dancing around the table that we did after the singing, which I was not originally intending to put up, but added on at the end at the request of my friend Yaakov Shalom, who wanted something to play for the kids after the singing, as they were playing with their dreidles!


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